Anyone else seeing Vivaldi try to go to www dot adnetworkperformance dot com/script/preurl.php?

  • Using v 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    When Vivaldi starts up and I try to visit any url, Vivaldi opens an additional tab and tries to go to www dot adnetworkperformance dot com/script/preurl.php?
    Doesn't happen with every new url, but possibly twice or thrice per session.
    Tried turning off extensions, still the same behaviour.
    Has this been reported before (cannot find this on the forum)
    Any suggestions.

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    @padu Absolutely not. You have downloaded some adware.

  • Somehow, you've picked up an adware infection in your browser. Adnetworkperformance is the redirection destination domain for several variants of adware programs that usually come bundled with freeware downloads or in a few cases appears as a sub-functionality of certain freeware programs. Sometimes it shows up as an unsought extension in chrome-based browsers. In the past, Malwarebytes has been successful in removing it, but some more recent versions reportedly seem to elude that anti-malware tool. Also, make sure a rogue program hasn't installed itself as a Windows program on the system. It may also be worth clearing your browser cache and sessions. Finally, double-check your browser shortcuts on the desktop or toolbar to make sure some rogue URL hasn't appended itself to the target command of the shortcut. This particular adware can sometimes set itself to only do a redirect to its ad site every so many webpage visits and thus stay 'under the radar' of the user.

  • Use AdwCleaner, seems to be an highjacker

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    @padu It would be interesting to know if you downloaded Vivaldi from its designated download page, or instead got it from some "freeware" site. There is more than one site that will offer you to download Vivaldi, but will add adware to it so that you get infected if you use the download from that site.

    Only ever download from

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    And sometimes bad extensions inject such crap!

  • To download freeware you always have to use the official page, or if there is not, use trust pages that do not use their own download manager (risk of bundleware and other crap).
    Recommended and safe
    Filepuma (from Glarysoft)

    Always use the form of the advanced or customized installation, to be able to choose the components to install and to be able to unmark other unrelated garbage (search bars, hompages or another crap)

  • @ayespy

    Quite True. I have even noticed this on supposedly reputable download sites.
    They take the download you desire and put it in their own installer which usually includes some adware disguised as a search bar (or some such).

    1. Download Vivaldi ONLY from the Vivaldi site.
    2. Run Adw Cleaner regularly.
      Ran it a few minutes back and there were no
      ***** [ Chromium (and derivatives) ] *****
      No malicious Chromium entries...."
    3. None of my other browsers including Chrome have this url showing up.
    4. In any case use a hosts file so the ad redirect just brings up a 'not reachable' - a lesser annoyance that having the page actually show up! 🙂

    As pointed out bu Gwen-Dragon looks most likely that it is an extension downloaded from the chrome extensions site - that doesn't bring up the adnetwork page EVERY time, but probably randomly or after a few startups. (suspect it was one of the youtube downloaders, which has now been removed)


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