Vivaldi cant disable WebGL

  • Trying to disable it.

    The only Google sources I found was here:

    The instructions say to disable vivaldi://flags/#disable-accelerated-2d-canvas and restart which I did and WebGL is still enabled.

    You can check here:

    How do I disable WebGL in Vivaldi?

  • @canadianleaf
    Can't, Chromium upstream remove --disable-webgl (webgl 1?) again.
    Only WebGL 2 disable/enable, is in current Chromium.

    This extension work
    Disable WebGL

    Why you want to disable WebGL. Testing/Study or Security viewpoint?

  • Thanks! This extension seems to work. Although I wonder if since I am forced to use a plugin this would decrease my user uniqueness and create a smaller fingerprint.

    Im disabling WebGL for security reasons as it can be used to identity a unique user. I have a dozen VM's all running in their own VPN's so they all appear to be unique. I dont want them to all have the same fingerprint which WebGL seems to allow.

    I downloaded Vivaldi because its one of the only browsers besides Firefox which also allows disabling of WebRTC.

  • @canadianleaf
    Yeah, there's possibily.
    When we come with unsual set, it's a sure self proclaim we're exist. Maybe for example it could drop targeted ads but it will raise their attention on us.

  • Thank you @dleon for the link. In the meantime I found also this (must be setted to: Use only my default public IP address to proper hide the WebGL).

  • @marko-indaco
    Disabling or limiting WebRTC already a common practice. WebGL in other hands relatively new.

    This WebRTC thingy reminds me of something;

    Some stuff was green there, you could click them & see some Google IPs.
    That's happening in any Chromium-based.

    We all know Vivaldi & Opera have block WebRTC setting. Also, uBlock0 has an almost identical setting. But here doesn't help. I need to use an extension(1) to fully block it. Firefox is all red with uBlock0 WebRTC blocking only.

    I wonder what's those for & are those considered leaks? I can't find any more info about those IPs either except they're Google. I do could block them, but by doing so did I just break something? I couldn't tell.

    (1) For the extension that @Marko-Indaco mentioned, last time I try that, choose the most restricted option for fully blocking.

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