Middle click (or Open in New Tab) Fails to Create Process-per-Tab after 1st (Opens as Webviews) (Unless Address Bar Alt+Enter)

  • Middle click (or Open in New Tab) fails to create Process-per-Tab after 1st time, just opening as a Webview (adding to existing 1 Webview(s) process per domain) instead of a Tab, unlike Alt+Enter in Address Bar which always work and unlike in Chrome.

    This occurs even with all extensions disabled and with or without manually specifying --process-per-tab command line arg.

    This is very problematic for sites like Twitter.com, Amazon.com and for Vivaldi in general when have many tabs open because even after just a few tabs are opened this way (sometimes 5-20, varies) tabs freeze or fail to open/render and Vivaldi itself start freezing all the time becoming unusable, unless I close all tabs, sometimes requiring restarting Vivaldi entirely.

    I have also submitted as a bug report for this.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    • Middle click (or right click > Open in New Tab) any links on Twitter.com page (eg. to users or hashtags) to other Twitter.com pages
    • A new (additional) process is created one time only per domain, created as a Webview as shown in Task Manager
    • Middle click to open another Twitter page from that original (or even newly opened) page, and no new process will be created, it will just be added as another Webview to the first.
    • Copy URL from addressbar of page just opened via middle click, and paste into Address bar then press Ctrl+Enter to open in new tab
    • As expected, a new tab is created each time, even after repeating this for many pages for same domain - only when done via Address Bar, showing as "Tab: ..." in Task Manager instead of "Webview: ..." combined entry as before.
    • Even after disabling all Flags and starting up with --disable-extensions (and ensuring all old Vivaldi processes were closed first) and trying with and without manually added --process-per-site command line arg, still this issue persists with inconsistent new process creation behavior.

    What was expected:

    Like in Google Chrome, a new process should always be created per tab regardless of whether opened via Middle Click or right click > Open in New Tab or Alt-Enter or Address Bar, with Process-per-Tab as default or specified via CLI.

    What actually occurred:

    Middle click on link to same domain as opened from (or right click > Open in new Tab) results in creation of Webview (as seen in Task Manager) instead of Tab: entries, and therefore only creates a new process 1x per domain, with all other new tabs opened after that (unless done via Alt+Enter in Address bar) just added to that new Webview: process.

    My Configuration

    • Windows 10 (x64)
      Vivaldi 1.93.955.38
      Occurs with and without --disable-extensions and/or --process-per-tab CLI params

  • @poweraccess
    Is that produce something like this?

    That Webview: uBlock Origin - Top 10 Most... confused me. No uBlock0 internal page opened & Top 10 Most... page/site already closed a long time ago. And why it's categorized as Webview too.

    Forgot, That Webview: Google Translate is the only thing in the side panel.

  • @dLeon,
    Yes, that's like what I'm seeing.

    You can see in screenshot below how each domain (Twitter.com, Vivaldi.net, etc.) has its own 1 process shared with "Webview: " per tab + 1 "Tab: " process for original page opened via address bar, regardless of having 10+ tabs open, because I had opened additional tabs via middle click instead of address bar.

    0_1508802763301_Vivaldi Webview vs Processe-per-Tab.png

  • @poweraccess
    Then --process-per-site flag didn't matter.
    I didn't have that flag & that issue hit me too.
    Plus, I'm Linux/Debian sid amd64 currently. So, it's crossed OS.

  • This is a long-standing major performance issue, and, as @dLeon pointed out, applies across platforms.

    Yes, --process-per-tab didn't make a difference. It shouldn't either as its the default behavior for chromium, unless Vivaldi overrides that, and seems to be the behavior that occurs when opening pages via address bar.

  • +1
    I'm also been seeing this bug with the latest versions of Vivaldi.

    Whenever I open a tab (even for different websites, and regardless of how many of them), it shows up in Task Manager as a Webview combined under the same huge (up to 10GB) process -- all except the first tab or those opened from address bar.

    I end up with Vivaldi getting extremely slow (unlike with Chrome) with just a few new tabs -- so slow it becomes unusable and sometimes even crashes.

    I have Vivaldi 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit) with Windows 10 64-bit.

  • Can someone please address this major multi-process issue (as confirmed by others) with Vivaldi v1.13 and v1.12 causing failure to spawn new processes when opening new tabs?

    As seen in below screenshot, every single one of the 100 tabs (each from a different site/domain) opened as Webviews in a single process + just 1st tab in its own process.

    Vivaldi quickly slows to a halt, becoming unresponsive with tabs not loading, tabs crashing, and eventually the browser crashing, starting with just a few (eg. 5-10 for intensive pages like Twitter) tabs.


    This issue is cross-platform (incl. Windows 10 x64 and Linux/Debian x64) and affects latest v1.13 version as well as latest stable version (eg. v1.12.955.48).
    This causes major stability and performance issues. I also submitted a bug report for this earlier, but no response other than other users confirming the issue.

    New Processes Not Spawned if opening tabs via:

    1. Middle click
    2. Open Bookmarks folder
    3. Open in (Background) Tab context menu
    4. Shift click
    5. Clone Tab

    Multi-process only works as expected when opening tabs via:

    1. Alt-Enter in Address Bar
    2. Extensions (eg. Open Selected Links in Tabs and Tabloc)
    3. Open Session

    I have Windows x64 with Vivaldi 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit), but occurs on Linux too, and with latest v1.13

  • use vivaldi.com/bugreport to submit bugreports

  • @ian-coog said in Middle click (or Open in New Tab) Fails to Create Process-per-Tab after 1st (Opens as Webviews) (Unless Address Bar Alt+Enter):

    use vivaldi.com/bugreport to submit bugreports


    However, I had already submitted a bug report for this at vivaldi.com/bugreport earlier, as mentioned in my post, but haven't heard back about it and the issue is still outstanding.

    Is there any way to view status or respond/comment on previously submitted bug reports?

    If not here, then where should I go to get this brought to attention and addressed?

    There's been no dev responses on this forum thread were other users have confirmed the issue (across platforms).


    Everyone encountering this issue,
    Please up-vote these 3 posts so can get attention and get this addressed:

    1. This Thread (1st post)
    2. Feature Requests
    3. Beta - Dev Team Discussion

  • Moderator

    @poweraccess said in Middle click (or Open in New Tab) Fails to Create Process-per-Tab after 1st (Opens as Webviews) (Unless Address Bar Alt+Enter):

    Is there any way to view status or respond/comment on previously submitted bug reports?

    Respond to the email you received notifying you of the bug number.

  • @ayespy What means respond? If you submit a bugreport, you get the number by default, but you aren't notified of any changes. You have to watch them yourself whenever a release comes up.

  • Moderator

    @luetage I'm pretty sure that the email containing the number of the bug filed can be responded to. If it's a "do not reply" address, that would be important for me to know. Because users have been instructed to update and comment on bugs using that email.

  • @poweraccess
    You'll receive email start with "JIRA bla bla".

    Can't monitor, no open bug trackers. Just ask the Mods around what its status.

    The rest, let the devs decide how and when to address this.

  • Moderator

    @luetage It's true, however, there is NO WAY to interact with bugs submitted by others, and no way to know what Vivaldi devs are doing on the bug you submitted.

  • @ayespy All I'm saying is that you aren't notified of any changes -- if a bug I submit gets resolved, I experience that by trying the new snapshot, reading about it in the release notes. No email is sent to me notifying me that the issue has been rectified afaik.

  • Moderator

    @luetage You're right. No one is updated on changes concerning the bug they submitted. That would be prohibitively expensive of manpower. Rather, they have to watch the changelog of each new release and see if their bug number is mentioned there.

  • @ayespy @luetage @dLeon
    Thanks for clarifying. I've found the [JIRA] email response to bug report.

    It doesn't appear to be no-reply, so I responded there with further details and link to this thread.

    I understand this can take time to address, but its a bit concerning not knowing whether any devs have even seen the report, let decided whether will ever be addressed.

    I also understand manual follow-up wouldn't be feasible, but wonder why not provide read-only access to JIRA bug report tickets system?
    Even if can't connect to forums accounts, etc. wouldn't really need to that if just provide read-only public viewing access.

    Considering that Vivaldi is an open-source project, and Chromium, Firefox and most open source projects (eg. on GitHub) provide this.
    Even a number of major closed source products provide read-only public view access to tickets (or view+comment to submitted tickets at least).

  • For me, I'm concerned about whether this will be addressed as this bug results in Vivaldi quickly becoming easily 10x slower than Chrome, tab loading slowing down and eventually stopping altogether - with tabs never loading (nothing shown but white, even after leaving tab active for 1 minute) unless manually refresh it (and even that fails often).

    That's then followed by tabs crashing (all black with a doc + lamp? in corner icon overlay, memory usage going up to 3-8GB for a single all-tabs process, and finally browser crashing.

    All this from just middle clicking open a few links on Twitter, Amazon, etc. websites to read/review later...

  • Moderator

    @poweraccess Well, to be clear, although most if not all of the code is transparent, Vivaldi is not open source. It is proprietary.

  • @Ayespy,
    Ah. Know why its closed source? So competing Chromium browsers don't snap up its unique features?

    Even so, there are major proprietary products that provide publicly viewable bug report systems.


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