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  • Hi to everyone in here,
    just a rookie by a couple of weeks to vivaldi, With my surprise i see this product terribly quick rendering the pages and stable (for now) as customizable in every manner.
    In the future i could be tempted to use it as default browser (now firefox is the one but today FF has become terribly heavy and slow)
    I use it under windows10 32 bit
    A problem i couldn't solve is the complete backup of the profile (all the stuff, setup, extensions, etc.) to transfer to another pc with a blank plain new vivaldi installation.(don't mind the passwords)
    I followed some suggestions picked up here and there but none of them worked. Vivaldi always starts loosing setup and extensions.
    As last chanche, i took brutally all the stuff from the program folder (where vivaldi is installed) and the profile folder (under \users\appdata\local folders of windows) and copying all in the new machine but neither this worked.
    Vivaldi starts but looses all the extension and setup.
    Maybe a guru in here has the solution
    Thanks for every help

  • Moderator

    @grunf Extensions are encrypted in the same way as passwords and cannot be transferred. Everything else is 100% transferable.

    When sync arrives, you will also be able to transfer passwords and probably extensions as well.

  • @ayespy thanks
    for your answer, straight to my question.
    I'll wait for sync to resolve this (my) problem, really hope for the extensions first, but who knows.


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