Can't download anything on Windows 7 x64 (but ok on windows 32bit)

  • Hi !

    I downloaded vivaldi (1st time, so no old config that hangs) on a laptop Windows 7 Pro ** 32Bits ** SP1, and all seems to work properly (without the concern outlined below)

    I did the same on my main machine, a Windows 7 Pro ** x64 ** SP1, and the .. it's galley

    • Impossible to download, whatever the file type (ok on the mobile)
    • Chrome extension installation impossible (ok on the laptop)

    The downloads "seems" to happen correctly (scrolling from%) to 100%, but in the end the file in question does not exist, and in the "Download" area of vivaldi ca goes to 0%

    For example, I tried to download vivaldi via vivaldi:


    I tried everything, nothing to do ... on any browser, in the same conditions it works without problem, ditto on the windows 32bits that Vivaldi works properly at this level (extension / download)

    what I tried:

    • Run Vivaldi in Administrator mode
    • Disable my anti-virus
    • Tested several different types of files (but even the vivaldi installer can not download (sic))
    • Tested several different folder location / disks
    • Remove all vivaldi, application / folder% APPDATA% / registry, then redo an installation
    • Tried a Single User mode installation, All Users, Standalone

    In short ... my question is going to be simple: Does Vivaldi work on Windows 7 64Bits?!

    Note, I notice that on the windows ** 64Bits ** vivaldi is still in 32Bits (folder "* Program Files (x86) *" and next screen:

    My relationship with Vivaldi starts badly :(

    An idea ? an advice ? (thanks to avoid the "you have to reformat" as I can read sometime ...: angry:)

    thank you in advance

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    @adomani works just fine on Windows 7 64-bit. The symptom you describe is as though Vivaldi is set to always download to default folder, but either no folder or a non-existent folder is set as default. Have you tried turning off "always save files to default download location" and directing the browser at the initial download window to download to your desktop?

    There is for sure something odd going on on your system.

  • @ayespy Tnk's for your answer..

    I search on the Website vivaldi if there is old version to see older version to test them...
    and Ohh ! there is a 64birs version... (the version that Vivadi recommend, and the default téléchargement on the fisrt page is version 32bit)

    On this screen you can see that it was the 32bit who is recommended:

    Well i must have a try and not follow the advice that tells me Vivaldi... go to install the x64bit version...

    All is OK, i can download whitout problem, i can install From Goocle Chrome Store etc etc... and the Must i can download now Vivaldi from Vivaldi :D

    Now i have on my 64bits Windows 7 this:

    I really do not understand why Vivaldi advises to install the 32bits version, and proposes it by default (without other choice) on the homepage), while it make (at least at home) problems while the 64bits version it works properly without any change (plug and play)

    If someone from Vivaldi goes through here and is able to answer this question, I will be very curious to know the reasons! :D

    I hope that I will not discover other worries in the future, because it will be finished for vivaldi at home :(

  • @ayespy

    The symptom you describe is as though Vivaldi is set to always download to default folder,
    I tried (as indicated in my first message) several configuration about it, and changed several times to test

    or a non-existent folder is set as default
    I configure all my browser in the same way, and especially with regard to the download folder (not to have things everywhere), so yes, I'm sure that the folder exist

    Have you tried turning off "always save files
    Yes, of course, and try to change save it under différent folder

    for information, I work in IT domain (dev) and beyond the mistake of mishandling that can happen to all, I usually go to multiple tests to understand where this is a problem, and to so much more before having to ask for help on a forum;)
    Besides, are there log files and if so where are you? (I'm ready to reinstall the 32bits version to finally try to understand and indicate for the other the problem)

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