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  • I have been recording the average startup time of existing browsers available on my *system! What i did is i kept google as my homepage on every browser and kept on opening and closing each browser 1 at a time and recorded the average time! The result was: IE: 3 secs Chrome: 4 secs Safari: 5 secs Firefox: 7-8 secs Vivaldi:15 secs I think it should work on its bootup time, if they want to become "the fastest browser in the universe" *my system has windows 8.1

  • Vivaldi is still pretty unoptimized tech preview, which you are comparing to very mature browsers. I'm sure the devs are well aware of its current performance.

    Also don't forget that startup time might not be as important as the browser's performance when in use. I'd gladly wait a few more seconds on startup for a browser that's faster when it comes to actual use, since I only start the browser few times a day (at max), while I spent hours using it. From a certain point of view, startup time is really the least interesting thing to measure (just like when it comes to operating systems).

  • Sounds like a problem with your machine. It takes 2 seconds for the window to open on mine and another 2 for the page to refresh to usable state. And I don't have a 5000$ watercooled rig either, it cost me 500$ when I built it two years ago and the biggest upgrade since then has been an SSD… which Vivaldi isn't installed on.

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    No, it's not an issue of his machine. I takes more than 20 secs on my device (and Vivaldi is installed on an SSD here), too. VB-4301 for the record.

  • (repeating myself) At startup Vivaldi enumerates available fonts and does it very slowly. So more fonts - more initial delay.
    Resource Monitor shows how it opens font files one by one.

  • Hmm, still you have some very high booting times for all of your browsers.
    I need less then 2 seconds for all my browsers (I have tested firefox, firefox nightly, Opera 12, Opera 2x, Otter and vivaldi).
    Most of my browsers were starting with more open tabs, opera 2x is opening 4 tabs and vivaldi is opening 9 tabs atm.
    I am using the latest 64bit vivaldi and my os is win7 64bit.

  • Startup time is pretty random for me. Sometimes Vivaldi takes 15-20 seconds to open, sometimes it's up not even one second after I click the shortcut. And I'm talking about a single PC, always after a cold boot.

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    Right now I'm wondering what's "wrong" with my machine or Vivaldi :D it's startup is fast as it only could be (less than 1sec I would say, less than 2 sec for sure).
    W8.1 x64 with x32 builds, standalone install (SD used, some tabs to be loaded…). - I just wanted to say that if it's not "reproducible" on all PCs.
    edit: my PC is 5+ years old now - do not expect a lot... (4Gb RAM, slow HDD - 5400 etc...)

  • How are you exiting the browser before doing these startup tests? Because if you're using the X button at the upper right, that's still bugged; it closes the window but Vivaldi's process keeps running in the background, and this interferes when you start Vivaldi up again, resulting in the long load time. Exit using the main menu as that will shut down the Vivaldi process.

  • I can´t confirm this bug. My version is @64bit. I can close it with x at the upper right corner and all task were closed at the taskmanager then. Here are my sytemspecs:

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    I can´t confirm this bug. My version is @64bit. I can close it with x at the upper right corner and all task were closed at the taskmanager then. Here are my sytemspecs:

    On my Win8.1 x64 machine, running the 32-bit version, my experience is the same. It closes all processes using the close button up in the corner. If it crashes, however, is leaves zombie processes.

    The result of zombie processes is not that it starts up faster, but rather that it won't start at all unless those are first closed.

    I get my UI open in about 5-6 seconds every time. If I have, say six tabs open, it usually takes another 15-20 seconds for the UI to become responsive to user input.

  • I have been using most well known web-browsers and my conclusion is that Vivaldi is the smoothest and fastest browser around.
    There is nothing wrong with Chrome, but Vivaldi is just a bit snappier and more pleasing to the eye.
    I only use 64-bit browsers.
    Mozilla Firefox is much slower than Vivaldi, but has no flaws, as it has been around for a long time.
    I compared the start-up time with various browsers using the Google start-page.
    On Vivaldi it always completely loads around 2 seconds.
    On Firefox it loads around 7 seconds. I tried this many times at different times in the day.
    And I am behind a VPN service which has a server on the other side of the world ....
    I have the latest version 1.7.735.46 on Feb. 19, 2017
    So, kudos to the Vivaldi team for making an excellent browser that can only be improved!

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