Too long to start with many tabs, slow operation

  • When I exit Vivaldi with a 100 to 200 tabs session and I reopen it later it takes about 3 minutes to start and unlock the interface for me to use it and it becomes slow to operate. (Above ~50 tabs or so the UI already starts lagging a bit.)

    I use other Chromium-based browsers like Yandex browser and in the same situation it starts and let me use the browser UI instantly, and no matter how many tabs I have the UI is snappy I can switch and create new tabs instantly.

    Delay loading of background tabs is already enabled in the start-up options so this makes no sense. It doesn't occupy RAM and the disk usage is very low, the only thing that happens during the start-up is a constant 30% CPU usage from a Vivaldi process. My system is an i3 4150, 8GB dual-channel RAM, R9 280, 7200 RPM HDD.

    I wonder if that's related to currently Vivaldi UI being an "Chrome app" so perhaps it has limited performance functionality/access to system resources, or other coding issues...
    The point is it becomes impracticable for me to use, while the browser fits many of my needs this may make me use Vivaldi less or become a deal breaker.

  • Do you really need to close and reopen Vivaldi many times a day?

  • @ian-coog Not really, clarification: by "later" I meant any period between the same day, a day later or even later.

    The problem is after the 3 minutes of waiting the browser interface operation stays slow forever. And the tabs aren't even loaded nor pursue any process, they're just visually listed in the tab bar.

    Vivaldi simply can't deal with many tabs.

    PS. I created this topic to verify whether other people have the same issue or is it just me. And if other people have the same issue I hope my topic serves as acknowledgement for Vivaldi team if they're not aware of this already, that there are tab power users whose needs aren't being attended by the browser currently.

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    @rluik said in Too long to start with many tabs, slow operation:

    PS. I created this topic to verify whether other people have the same issue or is it just me.

    There have been a few ongoing discussions about this issue. Using the search feature of the forums is a good place to start before posting. 😉

  • @joelyoung I didn't find any. I saw users talking about a 5 to 10 seconds delay when opening the browser but nothing like minutes.

  • Just by the way and the exposition with which @rluik put the subject, we can see he is not an ordinary and innocent user, who needs guidance on research. I have known him for a long time in the forums of the Opera and he is one of the most technical and clairvoyant users, regarding more technical aspects and even for subjective issues.

    @rluik - in my opinion, search for understandings with @Ayespy and @An_dz (this having Pt-BR as mother-language, besides being an excellent official translator) , including via chat. Then you will be in the best and smartest companies.

  • Try new 1.13.997.3 - 1.13.998.3 snapshots. It got really faster.

  • I may be late to the party, but as a power user operating many tabs (50~80), I have the same symptoms.

    Opening the browser with my last session takes a while, it's faster now, but there is a symptom that persists.

    After opening tabs doing work reading etc AND then closing them. After a while, the UI start hanging for a few seconds on every page change. It hangs more on certain websites like ebay, amazon, but overall, it is generalized.

    Restarting the browser (closing and continue previous session) start again smoothly. Note that half of of the many tabs that I keep or not opened during these restart lapses. Most of lag seem to come from new tabs, even if they are closed.

    This looks like a memory/thread leak or problem similar to this pattern.


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