It is impossible play some videos on youtube

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    @tigas Opera does have video issues. They are also paying for some codecs now however. They also have over a hundred developers, and are able to patch things faster.

    Edit: I will mention that we do have one developer who is, at the moment, solely dedicated to unraveling and patching the media issues. It's all she does all day every day - and she's good at it. But some of her fixes have also been almost immediately broken again by changes in Chromium.

    And it's no consolation to you but on Windows at least, my media issues are a thing of the past.

  • @tigas
    Follow Opera blogs. Their video issue just same like anywhere else. You'll miss count how many reporting video issues. And for MP4, they have same fate with Vivaldi, got cursed everytime.

  • Great to hear the issues have been solved for Windows, but unfortunately I am on a mac.

    What also good to hear is that someone in the Vivaldi team is finally admitting it is a licensing issue, at least we are being honest here.

    That is way better than tell mac users to fiddle around in graphics/codec settings that do not work. Believe me I have tried them all. And you know why, because Vivaldi is a damn good browser and it sucks that media support is so lousy. And it sucked to read many many posts of other people with the same issues and the Vivaldi team playing dumb: "File a bug a report" like they don't know the issue.

    I can tell you one thing this very talented lady maybe very good, but what you should do is find commercial funding from a good company that will enable you to buy the licenses Vivaldi needs to improve media support. I know it may sound silly, but I don't mind paying for a browser. I have tons of paid software and paid software to protect my privacy. You don't have to sell your soul to the devil to find funds.

  • @detlevski Famous last words before going up in flames and doing the devil's bidding.

  • I have been experiencing this problem on and off; up to now, I just used Safari to view the video if I needed it.

    But after this topic and having learned a bit about Vivaldi gpu quirks, I found the following error in the vivaldi://gpu log after opening the first of the mentioned videos:

    HW video decode not available for profile h264 main

    I run Sierra on a GTX680, blacklisting is disabled. If needed, I can provide the gpu page output.

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    FYI, this isn't a simple issue and a lot of time and effort really is being invested to get this issue resolved.

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    @morg42 Thanks very much for the offer. Thanks to the bugs that have been submitted by the community, I think that the developers have enough information, at least for now, to understand just how widespread the problem really is, which Macs have been impacted, and what needs to be done to fix this issue so that Mac users won't have to employ complex and convoluted workarounds.


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