It is impossible play some videos on youtube

  • It is impossible to play some youtube videos en Vivaldi. I have tried with the most commons solutions: (hardware acceleration, GPU black list, etc.). Some videos can be played; some others, not. It is very frustrating. I Downloaded Vivaldi to enjoy internet, not to become an programmer every time i have a problem. 😒
    Macbook pro 13'', late 2011 with OSX sierra 10.12.6. Vivaldi 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (64 bits)0_1508597399719_785343ef-3ffa-450b-80ad-b07ae4ed05ea.jpg

  • Can you give a link to a video that has the problem?

    Have you tried in a fresh Vivaldi (for example a new standalone installation)?

  • @dantesoft said in It is impossible play some videos on youtube:

    Have you tried in a fresh Vivaldi (for example a new standalone installation)?

    Thank you for your interest. English it is not my primary languaje, so I apologize for my mistakes in this response. Yes, I had. Actually, this is my second installation. Here is a link:

  • It's a mpeg4 video. Should work out just fine on macOS.

  • Two days ago, my Vivaldi crashed and since then, I'm having random issues with videos, just like OP has and just like I had on my old MacBook Air before that. Since I upgraded to MacBook Pro (resulting in a clean installation of Vivaldi), I was mostly in the clear when it comes to videos. Now I'm back to square one, with a lot of videos just refusing to play.

    Examples of videos refusing to play:

    I understand Vivaldi is a free product and I also understand the situation is further complicated due to what Chromium allows and supports on Mac but issues like these make it really difficult to use Vivaldi and stick to it, especially since video-related problems keep being reported time and time again. I'm 90% sure the issues I have would be resolved if I did a clean installation but I have spent so much time customizing Vivaldi to my liking and configuring extensions I need for daily browsing that I'm not willing to do clean installation over and over again every few months, basically anytime something gets corrupted inside Vivaldi.

    It seems anytime Vivaldi fails to play video, vivaldi://gpu page gets a new log entry at the bottom of the page: “[6784:775:1022/] : HW video decode not available for profile h264 baseline”. Here's a full output of the page, hoping that could help debugging this. Why would Vivaldi think it can't use HW decoding of the video, I have no idea. It definitely worked before.

    Edit: just remembered: videos on Reddit. These also stopped working, all of them. But in the case on Reddit videos, I can't be 100% sure if it's Vivaldi's fault or just Reddit being Reddit.

  • I have the same problem.
    Vivaldi 1.12.955.38
    OS X 10.11.6

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    @cellane It's Google/Chromium that is blacklisting more and more GPUs - not Vivaldi. That is part of the problem. Chrome has the advantage of: unlimited money to pay for licensing; and knowing in advance what they are going to break on the next release so that they can patch their own stuff to make up for it before release time.

  • @ayespy I know, I'm trying to understand that (and I didn't mean to be overly mean, just… frustrated) but this is likely not an issue of blacklisting, is it? If you look the vivaldi://gpu output I posted, it seems hardware acceleration is enabled for my GPU and nothing changes even if I enable the blacklist override in vivaldi://flags. Furthermore, the only thing that changed on my part was not Vivaldi update (these seem to be bit less frequent nowadays, anyway) but rather Vivaldi crash.

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    @cellane Ah. Well, first, since it was a crash and since it's media related, FIRST go to the Adobe Flash website and download the latest version. For some reason, people everywhere are having Flash failures and not being notified a new Flash version is out.

    If that doesn't fix it, then refresh your profile and see what happens. But either way, you need to make sure Flash is up to date.

  • @rorro2487 If you go to and download the 720p version, can you open that file from disk in Vivaldi?

    This second installation does not seem very fresh (you have some extensions installed).
    I meant to test playing the clip as soon as the new standalone Vivaldi is run for the first time.

  • @dantesoft Thank you for your interest. Yes, I was able to download the video and watch it from my browser. But, after downloading the latest version of flash player and refreshing the profile, I still can't see the original ¬¬...

  • @ayespy @Cellane @Dantesoft I did both. But, after downloading the latest version of flash player and refreshing my Vivaldi profile, I still can't watch the video on youtube. In fact, what bothers me is precisely the need to become a "programmer" - I am not a computer scientist - to solve these kinds of problems. This situation unfortunately leads me to prefer other browsers in Mac Osx, instead of Vivaldi. It's a shame, because Vivaldi offers new features compared to Safari (I apologize for my poor English language).

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    @rorro2487 OSX does present some special video problems that are being worked on backstage. Unfortunately, between continual Chromium updates and regular OSX updates, it's a moving target.

  • @rorro2487 For me, the shame is that this problem only occurs in Vivaldi. Not on Chromium (or Chrome/FF/safari/anythingUwant). As Vivalvi is based on Chromium, it should play without any problem. Don't ask me why/how Vivaldi team broke something that works on Chromium.

    I have the exact same problem on High Sierra with a GTX 1070 and the latest Nvidia web driver. The i7 7700k Intel Graphics are disabled in bios. So MacOS can only see the Nvidia card. This problem is totally unrelated with any settings or GPU/blacklisting shit. This is a bug of Vivaldi and only them can fix it unfortunately... this really bother me every day as Vivalvi is my main browser since years now. Absolutely all live streamings on Youtube/Twitch are unplayable because they are in H264.

    Fun fact, this is working without any problem with my laptop running on Intel graphics with the exact same Vivaldi version/extensions and MacOS 10.13

  • @rorro2487 said in It is impossible play some videos on youtube:

    But, after downloading the latest version of flash player and refreshing the profile, I still can't see the original ¬¬...

    I would expect the clip to play OK without Flash Player (it does here on Windows).

  • I have been using Vivaldi on Windows since the first technical previews but lately I've been having to work on MacOS and I had to give up on Vivaldi because of this problem.

    Blacklist, no blacklist, GPU acceleration on or off, it doesn't matter, sometimes I can get Vivaldi to play videos but by next launch it's broken again.

    MacPro 1,1 - OSX 10.9.5 - Radeon HD 5770

    Firefox 57 beta is working perfectly.

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    @tigas Did you report to bugtracker?

  • What is there to report? Another MacOS user not being able to play video's that work on any other browser? I totally like Vivaldi but it is about time this gets fixed or if this not possible because of license issues, inform the MacOS user that video play back is "As Good As Is Gets". You cannot seriously present yourself as a default browser in 2017 without proper video/codec support. Referring to the blacklist over and over again is not going to solve the issue here.

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    @detlevski You speak as though it's simple, like Vivaldi could just press a button and be compatible with all other browsers. There are, rather, licensing issues for codecs that Vivaldi (unlike the big browsers) cannot "buy" (and so we have to use "free" options that are complex to integrate) and the continually shifting landscape of both Chromium code (which blacklists more graphics cards every day) and of OSes (like OSX) that regularly move the goalposts as well. Both Chromium and OS vendors ignore that Vivaldi exists, which causes us to have to run like mad, all day, every day, to stay in the same place.

  • @gwen-dragon I can't remember. I can submit a new one.

    Regarding codecs and chromium issues on OSX, I'm not hearing anything about Opera/Blink having the same issues as Vivaldi with video.


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