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  • Hi, I backed up my passwords from info I found on the forum, using ChromePass.exe as win 10 updates kept wiping them out but I have just been trying to restore them and cannot find the import option in chrome://settings/passwords that was in the instructions.
    Can any one tell me how I import them in Vivaldi 1.13.971.8 ?

  • @fw190
    You can't now, ever since Chromium move to that Material Design (Blue internal pages). Although, the circular news said Chromium upstream will bring it back near future.

    In Chromium, GChrome and other browsers that support it, you'll be advised to use Google Sync. Something can't be done in Vivaldi.

    I was doing like yours before, export/import password list CSV. But now I'm forced to use any of these methods;

    • Verbatim text file. No, not dangerous. I GPG encrypt it.
    • LastPass. Not a fan of personal passwords floating in the cloud. O well...
    • KeepassXC or KeeWEB. Keepass 2 alternatives. Maybe preferred by me, as we could put the encrypted database in cloud drive such Dropbox.

  • Thanks for that, though disappointing news.
    Been looking at the Keepass variants, it's just a cast of finding which one integrates best with Vivaldi.

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  • @fw190
    Any Keepass 2 & forks, all of them.
    It's the database the most important. As long it supports Keepass 2 format, any forks good to go.

    What you need are;

    KeeWeb, now this one is interesting. It's using Electron. If you know Atom editor, just like that. KeeWeb comes with KeePassHttp bundled, although its named Keeweb.

    KeepassXC is a QT C++ fork version of Keepass 2. In Linux, Keepass 2 need Mono, which not really wanted by most of us (or maybe just me). The funny thing, I don't remember installing KeepassHttp for this app. The Chrome/Firefox extension for Keepass just works. Maybe also built in.

  • Gwen-Dragon, looked at the article in your link but got stuck on "Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords" - I just get "This site can’t be reached".

    dLeon, thanks for the keepass stuff, tried 3 versions so far and it's fairly easy to get all the log-in details into them but haven't got any of them to insert info into web sites reliably so far.

    I though I had got Vivaldi to import them through, 'file-import bookmarks and settings' but it has left all the passwords behind.

    Had a look at lastpass but don't think I am entirely comfortable with it, though it does seem to work quite well.

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    @fw190 Did you try opening just chrome://settings/passwords ?

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    @fw190 said in Restore passwords:


    Works on Vivaldi 1.11! Did you really have read the article? You need 1.11 to export and import passwords as CSV.

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