Need to clear a cookie at exit

  • I read a newspaper online that allows only a couple free articles before they want you to pay for a subscription. I'd like to bypass that limit.

    The site keeps track of how many articles you've read in this cookie [*.]

    If I click on the green padlock, I'm told there are 47 cookies in use but when I ask to see them, there are only a couple shown. [*.] must be one of the cookies not shown. How can I block it? Thanks

  • @r0291 Visit chrome://settings/ open "content settings" and "cookies". There you can delete all cookies recognized by Vivaldi, including these.

  • @r0291

    47 cookies

    It's more after the popup reminder shows up, my record is 54 cookies. But all (except 2 from main) blocked, as 3rd party cookies blocked in my Chromium/Vivaldi settings. I purposely turn off my blocker extensions for this test.

    If you just want to read articles. Ahem, just disable Chromium/Vivaldi Javascript for that site, especially Inline-scripts. The last one easily "do-able" if you use extensions like uBlock0 or uMatrix. No Popup will be shown.

    If you need that inline-scripts to use their features, then really pay for their services. I'm not judging 😁

  • Thanks. I was hoping to find a similar option with Vivaldi.

  • @r0291
    Just hit that globe or padlock icon, drop down show up. Choose Javascript & block for this site. Refresh page.
    That blatant method doesn't kill the site. The other 3rd scripts practically junks.


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