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  • Today i started using Vivaldi, i must say its too good at its developing stage! There are many wow factors in this browser! But one i liked is that color changing tab thing! There is glitch in it! The transition of the color seem really slow or i would say it is not seamless! I would request you to look upon this issue!

  • I think that right now they are focusing on features and bug fixes. Code cleaning and speeding up UI will be priority sometime closer to the first final release.
    (at least this would make sense. Better than to focus on speed right now and after a few new features do the same again because of some huge changes in potentially optimized code and do it once again…)

  • Dieing to feel the final build!
    You are right, the speed should be the 1st priority, because at this stage also Vivaldi is struggling with tab switching!

  • sorry for the misunderstanding. I think that speed should be the very last priority right now.

    Of course that a good implementation will save a lot of further work on speed improvements but in that stage (technical previews) is speed just a "side effect" to me.

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    I think in the end we can expect speed of the UI to improve a lot because it's not good now and V would never achieve full acceptance by people if it stayed this slow. So, I'm being patient and not worrying much despite longing for a really snappy UI.

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