What is Sign In To Vivaldi *was: What the heck?

  • Went to vivaldi://settings and found "Sign In To Vivaldi" My question is, how the heck does a user sign in to Vivaldi?
    My browser does not have a password. If it does where do I create the password? I'm signed in to the forums. I'm sign in to the Vivaldi web mail. I do not know how to sign in to Vivaldi.

    Sorry, the server had a snafu and I was not able to upload an image.

  • You currently can't sign in to Vivaldi, simple as that. The sign in is in the chrome settings, not normal Vivaldi settings, and it's the standard google sign in, which is disabled as long as we don't have sync.

  • @para-noid said in What the heck?:


    That Chromium original translation thing is "a too" fast translation in Vivaldi for GChrome Sync vs future incoming Vivaldi Sync. It's translated far before volunteer translators project exists. The translators already talked about it a long time ago.

    Seem in the end, no one (veteran Vivaldi users) really bother, they're understand it seems. Part of it because Vivaldi Sync does keep closer.

    Obviously, a complete misleading for new users. Then again, they probably won't find that page if we never tell them.

  • Don't worry they will find it. Someone sometime in the future will need to access that page.
    Since the "sign in" does not relate to Vivaldi why not remove it? Unless synch is very close
    to being ready for beta testing or a release candidate.

  • @para-noid
    I'm dreaming of all "chrome: // *" (at least something in chrome: // settings) can be moved.
    My idea is like Opera New, put it all in the Vivaldi page settings. Little by little (though slowly) some have landed into the Vivaldi setting page.

    Sync & Mail is in the Internal build. And so far, an army of texts about them has been in Vivaldi's translation since a few months ago. You know, like a letter to/from etc.. As a translator, I think we can have a rough prediction of what the main agenda.

  • @dleon Thanks. Sorry it took so long to reply.


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