Too long time to open Vivaldi

  • It costs over 5 seconds to open Vivaldi on average. Is it too slow?

    When I disable all the extensions(5 in total), it still costs 3 seconds.(My Chrome costs the same time with all extensions on)

    I have an SSD on my computer, along with an i5 3230m and 8GB RAM, running Windows 10 1703.

    Is there any way to accelerate?

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    @charlllles No, it's not too slow. If you cannot wait for 5 seconds, leave it open always.

  • These 5 seconds aren't a curse, but a blessing. If you accumulate the free time you receive, time you don't spend on the internet! -- I'm sure you could write a novel or something.

  • Do you have a very large list of past downloads? Try clearing that to see if it helps.

  • @lonm
    The list is shorter than one page, but I still cleared it, which didn't really help.

    Is it better if I re- install a 64-bit version? I doubt that because the official download page show me a 32-bit one. I found the 64-bit version in "different platforms" page, in which it also recommends the 32-bit version.

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    @charlllles we're getting to the point where the 64-bit version is actually a little better supported than the 32-bit. The 64-bit may run a little faster and will use slightly more resources. That said, talking about 5 seconds like some sort of crisis (and this from a guy whose browser speed is critical to work speed) strikes me as mountains from mole hills. Still, feel free to check it out. There's no harm in trying. I run the 64-bit on all of my 64-bit systems.

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    @charlllles I will also mention that I have two 64-bit systems sitting in front of me at the moment. One with a 2.83 GHz quad core and 8 GB RAM, and the other with a 3.6 GHz quad core and 16 GB RAM, and both open Vivaldi in 3 sec. So it is possible something in your system, such as a 3rd party security app or something, is making Vivaldi open slower for you.

  • @ayespy
    Thank you for your professional reply. I think I figured out what made it so slow.

    Just now, I disabled all my extensions, and then reopen them one by one. I found that Adblock was to blame, which made it about 2 seconds slower.

    And I transferred to the 64-bit version, which I think is rarely the same as the 32-bit one. So I guess Vivaldi takes the 32-bit version as a default just for compatibility?

    Now I will wait about 3 seconds until the browser is ready. A bit faster, but I think it should be optimized to get better.

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    @charlllles Yes. The 32-bit version is "preferred" at this point pretty much for universal Windows compatibility only.

  • @charlllles Which adblock? Some extensions are quite heavy, while some others use less resources.
    Always used Vivaldi x64 even when it was "experimental" xD

  • @hadden89
    Just the Adblock, the first result when you search Adblock.

    And I try some other ad-block extensions. All of them slow down my browser.

    Well, I have to stop using such extensions now.

  • uBlock Origin, try it.

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    I guess the new Windows Defender of Fall Creators Update in Windows 10 does slow down work.

    Or do you have a on-board and external GPU hardware? If yes, disable the Intel GPU!

  • @gwen-dragon said in Too long time to open Vivaldi:

    I guess the new Windows Defender of Fall Creators Update in Windows 10 does slow down work.

    Not for me. Once I got it properly installed I find it works fast and doesn't interfere at all, even with the new security features turned on. (Although you'll need to whitelist vivaldi.exe if you want to use the controlled folder access, which is off by default).

  • open Vivaldi without extensions and without tabs with an HDD ... 5 seconds would be reasonable but with an SSD, I think it would be very slow despite having a low-end PC.

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    5-6 s, I also need to open Vivaldi, with 15 active extensions, AV Panda.
    Windows 7 32 bit 4 Gb RAM.
    For me it is pretty fast, especially then the speed of navigation. Firefox is much slower


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