.eliminate reputation points for team members, moderators

  • The title of Moderator replaces reputation points. Blank out the possibility of the up and down arrows on posts of team members. They stand apart, above and beyond a pat on the back or disfavor. Their participation drives this wonderful stream of communication amongst vivaldi friends. And it is working. The communication of vivaldi current issues and trends is shared so well! Forum readers can really be informed of what is happening with vivaldi.net all the time! The arrows cannot impart to administrators a definite communication that a comment can relate. And frankly their notifications could be overwhelmed by those little up arrows being pressed by all of us.

  • Moderator

    I still think its valuable. It is an easy way to say "thank you" or "that solution worked" without having to leave replies to that effect which only end up cluttering the rest of the thread.

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    @lonm I agree. I often use it for both of those reasons; and to appreciate a well-written response or help tip.

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    Why removing positive of negative feedback to moderators or team members?

  • Moderator

    @i_ri Even a moderator needs feedback to know when they are doing well or poorly.

  • Difference between eliminating reputation points and preventing up/down votes. No reason you coukdn't allow votes on replies but somehow lock the reputation. Maybe not currently, I'm speaking in principle.

    Up/down votes can help guide users to more useful replies - you don't want to prevent that.

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