Portable vivaldi with portable passwords

  • I have vivaldi portable on my hdd. Copy this vivaldi to USB flash and paste to anover conputer: all saved password is absent. Why???

    bookmarks and items paste correctly 1:1

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    @kuzduk There is no portable Vivaldi. There is standalone Vivaldi, which is not portable. Since the passwords and extensions are encrypted by a key which reliant on one user profile on one particular installation of an operating system, these are not transferable.

    We will be getting sync, which will help, and perhaps later we will also get a portable version of the browser.

  • @kuzduk Windows itself provides an encryption service that the chromium rendering engine (which Vivaldi is built upon) uses for encrypting whatever data may need it: passwords, extensions, etc. The Windows encryption service is linked specifically to the given user account being employed and to the computer system itself, so that decryption on another system or another user account on the same system is not possible. This is considered a security protection against a user's personal or private data being hijacked out of the user account simply by copying files or by accessing them via another user account on the same system.

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    @kuzduk said in Portable vivaldi with portable passwords:

    all saved password is absent. Why???

    Password database is encrypted and the singular encryption key is bound to the Windows user's account and the Windows installation.

    Vivaldi Sync is in progress, heavy tested internally and will solve such issues.


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