Speed dial icon size

  • I'm completely new around here. I've used Opera many years ago, then switched to Firefox. Now I'm checking Vivaldi out. One question: is it somehow possible to make the icons in the speed dial smaller? I used to use around 30 frequent dials but this time I'm able to see 8 max. It's annoying.

  • You can order the icons into folders.

    Although, I think icons are too big, too.

  • Well, thanks for the tip. I did it of course earlier. However I wanted to have some of the most often used sites available at glance. Speed dial is made for it, you have to admit it, but the lack of this feature makes it less usable.

  • @vinczej:

    Although, I think icons are too big, too.

    I too hope they can somehow be smaller in the future. Maybe based on how many are showing on the page. More dials means each one is smaller.

  • Hi, any news about customizable speed dial icon size? And more than six rows?.

  • I've a problem with this too. Would be good if the size can can be adjusted just as one can zoom a webpage with Ctrl-mouse-scroll.

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