Where are the blog posts by Vivaldi members?

  • Hello,

    The new WP blogging platform is a welcome improvement. However, I do not find where to read posts by other Vivaldi members. A link to that page would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Blogging feature hasn't been officially released yet.

  • @luetage Thank you for the prompt reply.

  • If you know their username you can go there directly, but currently there is no way to list your friends let alone see recent activity.

  • @sgunhouse Thanks!

  • hello CarmenMC
    Four days since your tulips blog of be nice to our feathered friends plus your recent activity on your beautifully customised blog convinced me that there was no possibility
    for it to be missed that the "Reader" of user blog activity, the default Dashboard view, in your face, so to say, could be overlooked as the recent blog activity viewing location for vivaldi community members. Excuse me, please, for not answering You yesterday. I thought the answer would evidence itself to you on your Dashboard. When your Dashboard view becomes similar to what mine has always been set by default, then the user blogs will be appear in the Dashboard >Reader view. It was a bit slow to load for a few days; now there is activity to look at that hit the blogs in the past five days; like your two.
    Thanks for blogging. We anticipate that the blogs will become an interesting facet of Vivaldi community.

  • @i_ri Got it, thank you very much for your help and your kind words about my blog. Of course, the WP Reader!.

  • Vivaldi Team

    The new blogging platform is a work in progress. We are particularly looking into discoverability and search and making these available on the front page. The guys are working on it as we speak.

  • @jon Many thanks!

  • Hi!, ...find your blog section MY BLOG in your profile Symbol right upper edge (!)
    create your own blog name and you have your membership and blog site...plzzz watch mine (as example) at:

    in your active blog you find on top/left edge a submenu including dashboard, if you hover over blog name...click dashboard and watch all available recent blog posts ...have fun & a good weekend, wherever you reside!

  • @ginnie Hi Ginnie, thank you for your help , all set now!

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