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  • Increasingly, I come across websites that want to keep me updated by sending notifications. These primarily are news sites. The offer comes via a rectangular pop-over at the top of the page that must be dismissed before continuing to read. Is there any way to prevent these from manifesting? I don't see anything within V. Is this planned, or is there an extension? Thanks.

  • @paul1149 Click the icon in the URL field to edit the Site Properties.

    0_1508396092537_Site Properties.png

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    @paul1149 There is no global "never show notifications for any website" setting in Vivaldi per se. In the normal course, you have to set to approve or block notifications one site at a time - while you are at the site.

    The chromium engine does not offer a "never show" option. However, it does permit you to set "always ask" - which is the default Vivaldi setting (in other words, don't just pop up notifications) and for EVERY website that you decline, notifications will be blocked from that point on.

  • Thanks much, @Pesala and @Ayespy.

    @pesala said in Website notifications alert:

    @paul1149 Click the icon in the URL field to edit the Site Properties.

    Excellent. Once per site will work fine for me. I'll check this out. Thanks much.

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