Vivalsi Timing Out Forcing Total Restart

  • I am running Win 7 x64 on a home built with 16 gb of ram and ATI HD7600. I am using Vivaldi version If I leave Vivaldi and go into Quicken or WordPerfect, or any other program for a while, Vivaldi will shut down. At that point, I have to go into Process Explorer or Task Manager and completely kill the Vivaldi process tree before I can restart Vivaldi. If I manually close Vivaldi, go to other programs, I can restart Vivaldi without having to go through the kill process. This problem only started with Vivaldi TP I tried to uninstall the TP version and clean the registry and remove all remnants of Vivaldi and reinstall, but I am continuing to have the Vivaldi shutdown. Other restoring the partition backup from last Friday, does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks --

  • Have you tried looking at Windows' event log (system or apps) to see if anything there correlates to the time when Vivaldi does its shut-down issue?

  • Blackbird - I had already checked Event Viewer and the only reference to Vivaldi was a loading problem back in mid-February. Thanks for your suggestion, though.

    But to show why intermittent problems drive me nuts when trying to troubleshoot, I just left Vivaldi open with 12 tabs, along with 6 other applications open in Windows. I was away from my computer for about 1.5 hours and Vivaldi is still open.


  • Might it be related to tab content when the shut-down occurs (ie: flash, etc)? Have you installed any extensions into Vivaldi? Finally, is Vivaldi minimized to the Task Bar when you're doing other things and Vivaldi shuts down, or is it open on the desktop in the background?

  • I haven't been able to zero in on any specific web site; I don't have any extensions installed, although I am thinking about trying the Chrome bookmark sorting extension; and I just leave Vivaldi open in the background – not minimized.

    As I said in my previous post, since I started this topic, it hasn't shut down -- intermittent problems are the pits.


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