Vivaldi won't start after update

  • Hello!
    Today I updated Vivaldi browser to some version, but after the update I restarted my computer because Vivaldi was not starting.
    After the restart I checked my task manager and Vivaldi Update Notifier shows up.
    When I click the Vivaldi shortcut my tabs show up in the task manager but the whole browser will close in a second.
    I disabled Vivaldi Update notifier from automatically starting up- restarted but it still started as soon as I booted.
    I got Vivaldi to start once from the install folder but it closed on its own after 3 minutes.

    Did I lock the browser because I restarted my computer too fast after the update or am I doing something wrong here?

  • Also having the exact same issue. I tried uninstalling and installing the newest snapshot but to no avail.

    Windows 7 x64

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  • @pesala said in Vivaldi won't start after update:

    Cleaning your profile

    The first step requires you to open Vivaldi. Which is not possible with this bug.

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    @maruhai It only tells you how to locate your user data folder. I installed Vivaldi in O:\Vivaldi\ as a standalone version, so it is in O:\Vivaldi\User Data\Default.

    IIRC for a standard install it will be in %AppData%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default . Have a poke around in Windows Explorer to find Vivaldi's Default folder and rename it.

  • Cleaning the profile works, but after copying over old settings, bookmarks, etc. it crashes again. I guess there is some file that you shouldn't copy over from the old default folder but I have no clue which one causes the crash.

    [1018/] range at 0xb9632c2e00000000, size 0x202 fully unreadable
    [1018/] range at 0xb9632c4e00000000, size 0x202 fully unreadable
    [1018/] range at 0x0, size 0x202 fully unreadable

  • Alright, seems like it works now.
    What I did:

    - Navigate to 'User Data' folder (\Vivaldi\User Data)
    - Rename 'Default' folder into 'DefaultOld'
    - Start Vivaldi
    - Close Vivaldi
    - Copy all contents of 'DefaultOld' into newly created 'Default' folder, but NOT overwrite any files.
    - Copy all these files from the 'DefaultOld' into 'Default' and DO overwrite files:
    - Done

    I still lost my previous session though which sucks. This happens too often with vivaldi.

    Edit: Nope... Still keeps crashing... Please help 😞
    I'm also on the latest version 1.12.955.38 Windows 10 64x

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    @qubit Do not copy everything (irrespective of conditions) from the old folder to the new. Do Not.

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  • For everyone with the same problem, here is what worked for me in the end:

    • Navigate to 'User Data' folder (\Vivaldi\User Data)
    • Rename 'Default' folder into 'DefaultOld'
    • Start Vivaldi
    • Close Vivaldi
    • Copy all contents of 'DefaultOld' except for the file 'SecurePreferences' into newly created 'Default' folder. Overwrite existing files when asked.
    • Start Vivaldi
    • Reinstall missing Extensions


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