• New to Vivaldi and the forum. My personal (non-vivaldi) email address is showing on my profile page. How do I change this?? Have searched but been unable to find an answer. Thanks for your help.

  • I just now noticed the little icon to the left of my email address on my profile, which I assume is indicating that this information is invisible to others. Is this correct?

  • @hryan The icon is an eye. If there's a diagonal line through it, then yes, your email is hidden.

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    @hryan As a moderator, I can see that address. If I log out, I can't even visit your profile page. So I can't really test it. A non-mod user would have to visit your profile page to fully verify that it's hidden for regular users.

  • @hryan I'm a "non-mod user". Here's what i see at your page:

    Here's what i see at my page [analogous to how you described what you see at your page]:

    So, i think you're ok.

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    @steffie Thanks, @Steffie

  • @steffie Right, as I said myself, if there's a line through the eye icon, it is hidden.

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    @joelyoung In theory, that's true. It says so right in the tooltip for the icon. However, I felt the user was looking for a bit more reassurance and, from my position, I couldn't offer it.

  • @ayespy Exactly, so i thought i'd do the ole picture worth 1x10^3 words bizz... Just as you said, the tooltip closes the loop, so i thought the OP might like to see said visual confirmation, further reinforcing [& in no way ignoring] JY's eminently valuable & accurate earlier answer. ;-)

  • @joelyoung Didn't ignore you, just chose to supplement your accurate reply graphically.

  • Thanks, all, really appreciate the help.

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