Folder browse option for default downloads.

  • Typing the location manually, for the default download directory, is tedious; I have never seen the lack of a folder browse option on any browser when it comes to selecting the download folder. If you have to switch between download directories often, this is a deal breaker. I recommend you integrate jdownloader 2 with every default install. There is already a developed plugin for chrome. Jdownloader is covered by a creative commons licence and they are actively seeking development help for browser extensions.
    I love this browser ☻.0_1508258077508_c33a5507-c426-4ea7-9554-ea8a83df85ee.png

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    Already known a old bug: VB-5205 "Add folder chooser to choose default download folder"

  • Already in the list of Feature Requests:

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Browse Buttons in Settings

    Browse Buttons are needed in three locations in settings.

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