Forum search seems broken

  • I'm finding the Search function here very lacking. The reason is the default operator seems to be OR. When I do a search for 'reading mode', i get more hits than for either one of the terms alone. Surely the default should be AND, but I don't see how to implement that, even in Advanced Search.

  • @paul1149 Try searching for "reading mode" for an exact match.

  • @pesala said in Forum search seems broken:

    @paul1149 Try searching for "reading mode" for an exact match.

    Where do you see an exact match option?

  • @paul1149 That's what the quotes do.

    It's called Reader View rather than "reading mode," which did not find any results.

  • I'm not sure what happened, but you are correct about that. So thank you. I thought I covered that base, but must have missed it.

    But that's still not the same as having a default AND operator in the search field, which I believe is the way it should be. Adding search details should tighten the results.

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