How does the tab bar work ?

  • Hi everyone, I just tried Vivaldi, and I think this one is amazing. But there is something disturbing me: how is the tab bar background color set ? Is there a database with it ? Or do web developers have to include a CSS style or an HTML tag ? Thanks for your answers !

  • The colour is supposed to b set by the most dominant colour in the page. How do they get this, I don't really know.

  • Colors from the favicon, my website is entirely greyscale, but the favicon is grey and yellow, the tab bar is colored dark yellow. tabs are brighter than the favicon, so they do change the brightness. I also see the color changing only right after the favicon is loaded.

    If I follow a link on a website to one that does not have a favicon, the color doesn't change (this might be a bug)

    Vivaldi saves the colors once it has it. Tabs loading websites you've already visited are already colored while loading.

    I've also noticed that for sites where the dominant color is really bright (like reddit's light blue), it picks dark grey instead. The white text and buttons wouldn't be visible on a light color. It doesn't always change the brightness for some reason.

  • They randomly take a colour from the favicon. I think they should complement it with the Android theme colour metatag though. It's set in some sites' HTML a theme colour that can be read by Google Chrome for Android and will recolor its interface to that of the website.

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