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  • In the feature request area some people add request, after request. I understand this is where you can ask for certain tweaks to the browser. If a person asks for twenty or thirty changes, why don't they just use a different browser, if they aren't happy with this one? It's like they want a custom browser built just for them only. On another note, I can't ask for a feature because it was requested two years ago, and not implemented. All I am told is that it has already been requested. Does that mean there is no chance it will ever be implemented? By now it's so far down on the list it will never be seen again. There has to be a better way to get suggestions for tweaks.

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    @yogisd1 As it says in the first post,

    In case someone else has already added the feature request you had in mind, please vote for it by clicking the "up" arrow.

    There is no need to add it again. Some requests have been added multiple times, so it looks like they only have 4 votes, when in fact they have 20 or more. All other things being equal (which they are not), those with more votes might get implemented sooner rather than later.

    There are 100s of feature requests, but only a few developers, so it's a moot point whether it is worth soliciting any more just yet. Perhaps they should lock the thread now and start a new one when at least some of the popular requests have been implemented.

    Use the search feature before posting to see if your request has already been made.

    To search for feature requests that have already been posted use the search icon in the black header, e.g. to find recent posts on Bookmarks. I think most of the popular requests have been added already.


    There have been many comments on the unsatisfactoriness of the current feature request thread (as there were on the method that was used before), but it is the best they can do without devoting a lot of resources to improving it.

    It's all that we have, so learn how to get the most out of it.

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