Space Between Text and Images on Blog Posts

  • On my Welcome Post, I inserted an image on the right. The text then of course fills in the empty space to the left of the image. Now ... on my MyOpera Welcome Post, there is a nice, decent vertical space gap of 4 centimeters between the text and the image. Here on Vivaldi on the other hand, there is only a 1 centimeter vertical space gap between the text and the image. That makes for a not very good look bordering on ugly. I've been assigning Justified Text Alignment to all my posts. But, on my Welcome Post, I had to leave it at regular Left Text Alignment because with Justified Text Alignment, it was only highlighting the too small gap between the text and the image. That said, I'd like to request a bigger vertical space gap between text and images like in that situation ... by default. I wouldn't want to have to resort to inserting some HTML Code to compensate every time I insert an image.

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