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  • How do I unzip downloads in Vivaldi 1.12?

  • like every other zip. "open file" should bring up either your zip manager or if anything windows should take care of them by seeing them as a normal folder, then copy out the files inside.

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    Get yourself a copy of the free and opensource 7-Zip.

  • Extract the files just like on normal Windows.

  • Following @iAN-CooG & @Pesala input.

    1. Make sure you have Archive handler. 7-Zip is good, but it's up to you. There's plenty of options for Windows.
    2. Un-tick "Always Save Files in Default Download Location" in Vivaldi Settings > Download.
    3. Maybe need to tick/turn on chrome://settings/?search=downloading.
    4. Pop up asking what to do with downloading show up. One of the entry is "Open". If point 1 work good, it will automatically open/list the archive after downloaded.

    That's how I set my Vivaldi on my system. Windows & Linux.
    Although in Linux, I use DASH script for opening/checking archive.

    Why point 2 & 3?
    Depend how site programmed or what you want to do, those points actually matter. Vivaldi not yet merge them beautifully.

    Note, for ZIP format, Windows have its default handler built in. So, you're not really need step 1. AS LONG, you never change it somewhere.
    The default handler works with how Windows handle compressed folders.

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