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  • Look, I love Vivaldi, been using it since alpha/beta.. But, you HAVE to do something about the "Close other Tabs". Get rid of it, move it, SOMETHING. At least have a warning when closing all tabs. I have officially RAGED for the last time over misclicking on that stupid stuff. Done. To heck with it. Can't deal. Never again.

  • @st33ldi9ital This option is down there in the context menu of the tab, all browsers are so, it is careless of the user to close them by accident, as the option is not 1st from the list in the context menu ...
    If you use "Close Tabs Right" and "Close Tabs Left" with the context menu of the tab, you can give a keyboard shortcut to these two options, it will prevent you from closing the other tabs by accident, perhaps in the future Vivaldi allows you to choose which options appear in the context menu of a tab.

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    There are so many other ways to close the current tab, so there is no excuse for complaining about the context menu being badly arranged, even though it could be better.

    The Close Tab Stack item is also in the wrong place. An option to edit menus is one of the top voted feature requests. That's clearly the best solution, then everyone can design the menus to suit their own workflow.

    0_1508093060451_Tab Context Menu.png

    @pesala said in Feature requests for 1.13:

    Allow Editing of Menus

  • But you hopefully know that you can restore them with the trash icon, right?

  • @mau Recycle bin ony collect tabs updated recently (same week?) before deletion. If you have older tabs in your collection they will disappear permanently if you have an accident with "Close other tabs".

  • I'd like to add my +1 to this - I keep periodically losing an entire window worth of tabs (more than the trashcan can remember, so unrestorable) by accidentally clicking Close Other Tabs. When it happens, I also get rather grumpy.

    You're more likely to use the Close Tab button in the context menu when you have a lot of tabs, as the close buttons on individual tabs become invisible.

    Following the principle of least surprise,
    If it can be done in one button click, it should be able to be undone in one click. Why not group the closure as a single action, like closing a window is done, and make sure it remembers all tabs (not just recently touched ones)?
    Or, give the user a chance to pull out by asking them to confirm if the operation is going to close more than 5-10 tabs. (Like Firefox does)

    Leaving something irreversibly destructive next to something regularly used, with no extra "are you sure"'s? is bad design.
    "Are you sure"'s generally are bad design as well, but at least they protect my data :3

  • @giveemtheboot Following the principle of "rather safe than sorry", you should save your tabs as session from time to time. This will prevent you from losing tabs you have running over the period of weeks or months.

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    @giveemtheboot Vote for Warn When Closing Multiple Tabs

    One can easily recover multiple closed tabs by using the Window Panel.

  • I would say that the following two features would be nice:

    1. Undo: Cancel the previous action(s) whatever they are. Most text and graphical editors have this feature. I agree with @giveemtheboot that "If it can be done in one button click, it should be able to be undone in one click. "

    2. Periodic and automatic session backup: I think this one is already in the feature-request forum.


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