In page search (Ctrl + F) error

  • Try installing the latest snapshot as a Standalone install.

    Well, it does not seem worked on, this ticket.
    I can wait each new official version and look for VB-36119 in the changelogs.

    Are you using some Chinese input method or some other program that most of us are not?

    Not really… Oh, wait. Good idea, actually!
    Well I actually use some softwares that are listening to what I type:

    • AutoHotkey
      It’s a hotkey scripter and it is always listening to what I type as I use it to get a better more extensive French keyboard
    • UniKey
      It’s a Vietnamese IME that was always switched off when it happened but that is still listening to what I type, waiting for ALT+Z to switch itself on
    • Volumouse
      Volume control hotkeys
    • foobar2000
      A sound player with global hotkeys

    I should try whole days without them to see if Vivaldi crashes… It will be difficult to not have those…

  • It’s always when I have this crash that I notice a new version.
    I am still in 1.15.1147.64 and it happened once again.

    Vivaldi had only been running for ten minutes, I was on and I looked for the 2×CD string.
    Once on the sixth and last match, Vivaldi froze.
    As usual, kill it, reopen, search the same thing, does not freeze.

    I see there is a 2.0.1309.29 version now I am about to install but the changelogs still don’t mention VB-36119.

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    @jesus2099 There must be something on your part. I'm using the search in page function and I also tried it on the website you've mentioned and I haven't had any issues. I was able to go through all the matches several times - both with the provided UI buttons and the [F3] key.

  • Yes, I use F3 for next match. Forgot to tell.
    But unfortunately, it occurs at random.
    I use those sites daily but only sometimes it freezes.
    I cannot understand the reasons as sometimes it occurs a few minutes after PC boot and sometimes hours.

  • @gwen-dragon said in In page search (Ctrl + F) error:

    [VB-36119] Is closed as Not Reproducible.

    That means I have to create a new bug report next time, mentionning both VB-36119 and this topic.
    Maybe the other users having this bug at the beginning of the topic, just have stopped using Vivaldi.
    I can’t stop, but I can no longer use it for work stuff.

  • Since I installed the new stable version about a week ago, Vivaldi started freezing sometimes when i use Find in Page. I've never experienced this bug before. I have 2.3.1440.41. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

    I push Ctrl+F, then I start typing, and after a few letters Vivaldi freezes. This happens maybe half the time. (I never push F3.) When it freezes, the whole browser becomes unresponsive. I've never tried waiting more than a few minutes before killing it.

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    @nicknu Work is in progress to fix this in 2.3 Stable and 2.4 Snapshot.

  • Thanks. Just for future reference, where should I go to find and check on bugs like this?

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    @nicknu said in In page search (Ctrl + F) error:

    where should I go to find and check on bugs like this?

    The bugtracker is not public but you can ask at end of

  • I meant, where do I find if "behavior x" is reported as a bug, and if so, which VB number it has?

  • @nicknu
    This one is VB-36119 (you can see it more above in this topic).

  • @jesus2099 said in In page search (Ctrl + F) error:

    This one is VB-36119 (you can see it more above in this topic).

    That bug is closed as 'Can not reproduce' (according to Gwen-Dragon in the other thread), so I assume it can't be the same one that Gwen-Dragon was referring to as 'work is in progress'.

  • @nicknu,

    Could you please report this bug — here is how — then paste its VB-number here afterwards.

    I’m relieved someone else got this bug now.
    I was feeling alone.
    Good to notice that I didn’t have it for quite some time but now that I have installed 2.3.1440.41 (Stable channel) (64-bit) it happened again to me with no crash logs in "%userprofile%\appdata\local\vivaldi\user data\crashpad\reports" folder.

  • @nicknu @gwen-dragon

    I created that new ticket VB-49357 In page search (Ctrl + F) crash on last match as this bug is back and very living!


    Be in a page, hit CTRL+F to search for some text in the page, maybe hit F3 a few times if there are several results.

    Expected behaviour

    The highlight should cycle through matches.

    Actual behaviour

    Once on the last match (instantly when there is only one match), the Vivaldi browser freezes crashes with unfortunately no crash logs being generated.
    In fact it’s the same bug as VB-36119 that seemed gone for a few weeks but that is back and very active with this new 2.3.1440.41 version.
    It does not happen all the time, it’s random, but prevents from using inline search otherwise you might loose your ongoing unsubmitted works.

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  • @Gwen-Dragon Sorry but as I said, this bug unfortunately does not trigger any crash logs… 😕

  • My latest version Vivaldi is currently hung, frozen, taking 100% of one CPU core, with my 1+ hour work in a website that unfortunately does not save drafts.
    This time I keep it like that in the background (using Firefox to type this) in the hope that it will end up writing a crash log in "%userprofile%\appdata\local\vivaldi\user data\crashpad\reports" eventually (but I don’t think it will).

    Half an hour later as it still does not progress, I killed it (Windows 7 said it had an AppHangB1 kind of error).
    No crash logs written.

  • The problem described is appearing regularly on my work laptop (Win10, Dell E7470) to the extend that stopped open some sites in Vivaldi. Few hours ago freez happened just after search was started for the first time on my home desktop machine (Win7, Dell Optiplex 990). Searches were performed on completely different sites. There was no crash log. After the browser was restarted I tried to reproduce the problem on home machine, but attempt was unsuccessful.

    What is common for both systems:

    • Vivaldi 2.3.1440.41 (32-bit)
    • large amount of open tabs (40-60 on avarage)
    • browser session is restored every time vivaldi is started
    • uBlock Origin extension in both environments

  • Didn't see this thread.

    I had regular crashes (especially since v2)
    I thought related to pdf viewer (but must be just a catalyst)
    but seems in fact related to Ctrl+F
    Got dozen of crashes this morning alone even with extensions disabled.
    Opening pdf files and using YT seems to help to reproduce the bug.
    Crash logs aren't always generated
    But I sent the ones I had to bug report.

    NB: Experienced once 2x CPU cores (on 4) used at full use, but don't know if related to this (after 2.3 (original) install).

  • Yet another strange thing. It seems that problem appear also when search is made inside an app. It happen to me twice already. Once during searching of a edited wiki page when wiki search tool was used. Second time was during search of a text file inside bitbucket repository. This was quite surprising to me. Only thing that is common for all those search tools is probably highlighting and maybe auto-scroll to first result (not sure on this one).

    Today I also noticed that vivaldi on some sites is searching and highlighting only search results that are displayed on the screen, but this is connected probably with some kind of caching made by browser or maybe how javascripts are displaying page content. This happens when searched pattern is at the top and and the bottom of the page because auto-scroll points at the first result. For some reason I connect this functionality with the error, but I could be completely wrong here.


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