Suggestion: Visible mouse gestures?

  • In Firefox I've used FireGestures since migrating from Opera. One of the nice things about it is I can choose to see the gesture I've "drawn" on the screen. There's also a small popup in the lower left corner showing what it's registering as a gesture, so it would show "UD (Reload)" for instance.

    I would like to suggest the same for Vivaldi.

    FireGestures uses a painted line which is not very pretty, but in Vivaldi there's already the "example" shown on the Mouse option page which would work very nicely. There could even be an option to customize the colour of the gesture, which would be nice (but not important).

    I realize this is probably not for everyone's taste, so it should be an option.

  • I agree with a visible line wholeheartedly!

  • I've not used Slimjet for quite a while, so i don't know if it still does this, but certainly older versions could do this, & i liked it. It would be nice to include as an option in V.

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