Integrate KeePass2 in Vivaldi

  • I would like to see KeePass2 being integrated in Vivaldi, just like KeeFox is in Firefox. Anybody thinking of this as well. As long as Vivaldi does not integrate with some external password manager the browser will not be the main browser on my computer.

    Otherwise I really like Vivaldi, fast, simple and a lot of potential. Keep up the good work!

  • @buster400 Really?

    As long as Vivaldi does not integrate with some external password manager the browser will not be the main browser on my computer

    Fair enough, we're all different i suppose, but IMO your strident attitude is a case of "cutting off your nose to spite your face". Given a small Dev team & numerous other priorities, it might be a loooooooooong time before your wish is granted, meaning that for the foreseeable future you willingly deny yourself the multiple benefits of V. It's a curious sense of perspective.

    I actively use KeePassXC, & don't find it even slightly burdensome to populate certain sites' UserID & Password fields via the corresponding copy-to-clipboard icons in KPXC. It floats my boat, anyway.

    PS - BTW, you might wish to consider changing to KeePassX or [even better] KeePassXC [newer, better features] instead of KeePass2. Your one uses Mono, hence is a point of vulnerability. With either of the others, you can uninstall Mono, & improve your security.

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    Vivaldi can not integrate it in browser, because of license problems.
    You have to install it.

    See and

  • @gwen-dragon I doubt KeepassHTTP is good idea for security. Opening network access to Keepass is a problem by itself because it opens new attack surface. Initial transfer of encryption key over non-encrypted channel isn't good too. Finally, browser plugin has to store that encryption key somewhere in browser settings, also in not encrypted form… so any malicious code with access to browser profile's files should be able to get all your password from KeePass.

    There is another option - use plugins like Url in title and Keepass auto-type by hotkey feature. This way you can press Ctrl-Alt-A and have Keepass do all of the work - look for url in current window's (browser) title, search for suitable records (using Auto-Type settings and not URL field), show popup to let you choose one of many records (if needed) and finally send keypress events to target window to enter login/pass (or more complicated things configured using auto-type sequence).


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