Can't use a link drag gesture (extension)

  • Hi, everyone.

    Do you use a mouse gesture extension?

    I've tried two or three, but none of them is able to drag a link.

    At the very beginning when the extension was added, it worked for once, or twice. After that, once I try to drag a link, it is just being selected and highlighted, but nothing happened.

    I am wondering if this is a browser issue because the extensions work perfectly in Chrome.

  • The Vivaldi default is this:
    Select link text by clicking and dragging left/right
    Drag a link by clicking and dragging up/down

    This is how it worked on old Opera too. Chrome extensions which try to mess with this will fail, because it's the built in standard behaviour in Vivaldi, and these extensions are written for Chrome, not Vivaldi. At the moment there's nothing you can do about it to change that. Either adapt and do it the Vivaldi way, or complain by writing a feature request (eg setting to disable this).

  • @luetage
    Thank you for your reply.
    As a new user, I am almost unfamiliar with this broswer.

    Now maybe I know how it works. I can drag a link to a tab, and it will open in that tab. Is it the correct way to make use of this feature(No offense but it is a bit wierd because I can simply click it for opening)?

  • Well, no, because as you said, you could just click the link. But for example you can drag the link to the bookmarks panel, to save it for later as bookmark, without opening it. Or you could drag the link to the address field, to make changes to it before launching it. The possibilities are endless (warning: bold exaggeration)!

  • @luetage
    Wow, it makes sense now.

    Seems I have a lot more to explore.

    Thank you again~


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