Latest Vivaldi (impressed, i like it)

  • When Vivaldi first appeared in the world, I tried it out and stopped using it
    immediately -- it was just not very fast, and lagged way behind other fast
    browsers such as Maxthon. But the latest 1.12 and 1.13 have gotten me back to trying it and I am impressed. I hope the team continues to develop Vivaldi and incorporates suggestions by users. Most important will be managing memory usage and not repeating the mistakes made by Chrome and some other competing browsers.

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  • It is faster than earlier versions, but not as fast as chrome, and especially Opera (which has their own speed tweaks and technologies). But even like that, it is faster than latest castrated nightly Firefox without any extensions (Firefox wins only in scrolling of very big pages, like Deviantart, lazyblock etc.).
    Some of the guys, which is close to developers, promise the performance acceleration in the next versions, so we hope that the vivaldi will become very close to chrome in speed.

  • If speed is your concern Vivaldi is, and will likely remain, a bad choice. But I never understood why everybody talks about speed as the most important aspect to a browser in the first place. Get over it.

  • @dxace1 said in Latest Vivaldi:

    not repeating the mistakes made by Chrome

    It's built upon chromium, it's hard not to repeat something when you are dependent on the engine and the constant stream of updates. Don't know what 'mistakes' you have in mind in particular though.

  • A lot already happen since beginning. So, it kinda unfair to compare 1st generation Vivaldi to current. 😆


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