Vivaldi doesn't load in windows 10

  • Hello
    I am using Vivaldi long time now and day before yesterday it did not load. I opened task manager and there were the Vivaldi instances that it always opens but I did not have any window. It loaded in Task manager but not on my scree. I copied all my info from the default folder, uninstalled and installed again. It worked one and that happened again. I uninstalled and installed again but If this happens again, How to I fix it, or what should I do so it doesn't happen again.

    I thank you very much.

  • that's strange... do you use any 3rd party security software? some could block vivaldi. Are you a windows insider? (alpha/beta versions)

    One thing you could try:
    start > write run > enter > then write taskkill /f /im vivaldi.exe as command (it will force close any background/foreground vivaldi process)

    Try to

    • launch again.
    • install as standalone in a path like c:\vivaldi.
    • install snapshot if you used stable (or viceversa).
    • disable background apps at exit if it is working chrome://settings/?search=background (paste in urlbar+enter)

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    Next time delete all these files in your browser profile folder:

    • Last*
    • Current*

    That will let you lose you sessions but start Vivaldi.

    And try to disable a internal setting:

    • Open chrome://settings/system/
    • Disable Continue running background apps when Vivaldi is closed
    • Restart Vivaldi

  • Same here, from last night it's almost impossible to start vivaldi, and even if after 20 tries will start it will crash after seconds. I didn't change anything on my pc to affect vivaldi, maybe some windows update but i'm not sure. Really strange.

  • From the debug.log:
    [1014/] range at 0x597723c000000000, size 0x21f fully unreadable
    [1014/] range at 0x597723e000000000, size 0x21f fully unreadable
    [1014/] range at 0x0, size 0x21f fully unreadable

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    @larmaanidis What happens if you rename the "Default" folder?

  • @hadden89
    I use Iobit malware fighter, but I always used it and I never had a problem. I do not use Insider. It worked fine and the next day it didn't. No massages of any error. I have reinstaled and it is working now but if it happens I will try your suggestion.



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