Multiline tabs

  • Why do all Chrome based browser lack this often requested feature? (I have seen Chrome posts going back 10 years requesting this).
    Is this something that is impossible to do with Chrome?. I have seen some really ugly workarounds so I think this may be the case.
    Either way can someone who knows please tell me so that I can at least stop hoping that it will one day be implemented.

    This is the one thing that has me going back to FF everytime I have a need for 10+ tabs to be open at the one time.

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    @aristideau Since Vivaldi uses its own UI layer, which is not a part of Chrome, it would be possible in Vivaldi. Don't know how difficult or complex it would be to code.

  • There was a mod for Vivaldi, but I don't know if it works correctly in newer builds.
    Sadly, chrome never had interest in implementing tab rows/vertical tabs: all issues about them was closed as wontfix due their "keep it simple" philosophy.

  • @hadden89 Well found, why didn't you try it out? It's just css and it works.

    0_1507991744339_Screenshot 2017-10-14 16.34.53.png

  • @aristideau If you have a wide screen, use Tools > Settings > Tabs > Tab bar position left (or right). You can have as many tabs as you need without sacrificing height in the main window.

  • @luetage I used tab-rows a lot in FF era but now I prefer vertical tab/tree tabs as they don't shrink too much the page.
    Tab row is good with 25 tabs, not so good when you reach 100 tabs :)
    The layout choice (horizontal/vertical) depends on how many tabs are used.

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