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    @hondac Come back after a year or two. Development is apparently too slow for you. Old Opera took 20 years of development to get to 12.17, which was still missing some often requested features (e.g. a context menu on the bookmarks bar).

  • @pesala
    I feel it strange people still not realize that features from another browsers they want here need long time to be built there too. It more strange if it instead come from software developers.

    And some requested features actually copyrighted which a big no no.
    Big company like to sue even if only the colors of competitive product is same.
    So, I'm a bit skeptic if there's a request like "do this like in IE/Safari/Opera". Proprietary browsers features.

  • Vivaldi is a great browser and with distance the best I have tried, so I have patience with eventual deficiencies, because I know that they are corrected sooner or later with a very active community
    But as all browsers has its pros and cons and its natural use also depends on the personal taste of each person.

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