Vivaldi 1.12: Doesn't show currently download file on Downloads panel [Solved]

  • Hello, I have problem about download panel on sidebar. When I updated to newest version(1.12.955.38) so I have problem about it. See animated gif below.

    I use Windows 7 32bit and Dell optiplex 990.

    problem download panel

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    @mekokung Can't reproduce this. Do you use any extensions?

  • Fail to register into download?

    I see Tampermonkey icon there. Probably 1 of scripts.

    Because I happen suffer the same symptom once, just few days ago.

  • @ayespy Yep, I use Tampermonkey, uBlock, Authy(app), Image Search Options, Lastpass, MEGA, Musixmatch and Session Buddy.

    @dLeon OK, I'll close this extension and try again.

  • @dleon OK, I tried and it's not solve the problem. It still happen. I tried to disable Tampermonkey and close the browser(I checked on Task manager for closed completely) after that open and download again.

    After I tried first method so I opened the Task manager on the browser(by shift + esc) and force stop all extension and tried again. The result is not solve the problem. So I force stopped GPU Procress and tried again and it still happen.

    that the result that I tried it.

    PS. Before update to newest version, it doesn't this problem while i use any extension.

  • @mekokung
    I test with both current Vivaldi Stable & Snapshot; downloading works in any.

    You could try these 1 by 1, it's the usual;

    1. Clear caches & cookies. Stick with no extensions. If fail..
    2. Clean Vivaldi profile.

  • @dleon OK I tried it and the result is..... it's solve on last(second) method. But i don't have happy to use new profile because history, cookie, tabs, and user script that use the storage for collect something is gone and these is very important to me especially history and storage.

    So that before I delete profile, I copied the User Data folder to desktop and delete current User profiles and open new profile and tried to download again. the result be in line with the top of this post. It's solve the problem but it just unhappy to use new profile without my old data

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    @mekokung said in Vivaldi 1.12: Doesn't show currently download file on Downloads panel:

    but it just unhappy to use new profile without my old data

    You can copy back:

    • Login Data
    • Bookmarks
    • Notes

  • Because this's a same system, isn't it we can copy-paste more than those 3?

    Last Tabs = "Last Session" file
    Of course, in Vivaldi you could use "Save open tabs as session" to be sure. The saved data is in Session folder. You could copy-paste it, to extent you could even send it to me if you don't care privacy breach.

    History* files probably also could also be copy-paste to new profile. Doesn't hurt to try. I never try because I never care of History, always clear them in regular basis.

    For Cookies, you could always rebuild/refetch them again isn't it?

    Userscript; both Tampermonkey & my current favorite Violentmonkey have export/import as a whole.

    The hardest was extensions. Need to be reinstall.

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    @dleon Technically, you can copy back everything. Gwen-Dragon just mentioned totally safe things to copy back.

  • Thanks everyone for solve the problem. I'll try to copy somethings is important to new profile. it's difficult but I'll do it

    Thank you


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