Folder location for Bookmarks

  • Since Vivaldi hasn't got a favourites sync function across multiple devices, I need to know the directory it stores users favourites in so I can link it up with a 3rd party cloud sync service. Does anyone know where it stores them?

    I don't want to use a 3rd party extension.


  • @dccxviii Favourites is for Internet Explorer. In chromium-based browsers including V, it's Bookmarks. If you did a standard Windows V installation, then follow mine, but with your name of course:

    Windows: Profile Path C:\Users\Steffie\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    Linux: Profile Path /home/steffie/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default

    BTW, you can copy this file, + Notes, History, Favicons, Current Tabs, Last Tabs, Current Session, Last Session, Top Sites, Web Data... into any other instance of V SS / Stable on any pc... & many of those files also work in other chromium-based browsers.

  • @steffie Thanks for the info. I found a "Bookmarks" file (no extension) in the folder you specified. Assuming its this that Vivaldi is using, I should now be able to link that to my cloud service such that every time there's a modification to that file, it'll get replicated to all my other installations. Thanks.

    I'm still surprised Vivaldi doesn't have a Firefox sync like service that would do this as I know its been a long requested feature. But I understand they don't have anywhere near as much money as Mozilla so that's probably why. A pity really because i'm finding Vivaldi to be vastly superior to Firefox.

  • @dccxviii
    You can't link only Bookmark file to Cloud drive as I recall. Chromium engine replace/rewrite some files/softlinks/hardlinks full verbatim. Hence the people uproar to push Sync project (continues working).

    You'll need to Sync entire Vivaldi user profile. I know, probably undesirable.
    As far, some people use Cloud Bookmarks services.


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