Nice direction to go for a browser, I enjoy using it.

  • Vivaldi is impressive and appears to actually be faster than Chrome or Firefox at times. I'm looking forward to following it's development. Overall Vivaldi is a pleasure to use. I did notice that at times there is a lot of hard drive thrashing I don't normally experience with Linux and at times the browser seems to freeze and stall for long periods of time. Certain websites like took almost a minute to come up. When I exited, and tried the URL again, it came up instantly. My setup isn't high end by any means, but the combination i have is extremely fast with Linux. The desktop is from 1999. I'm using an HP desktop with a dual core AMD 7550 64-bit processor with 2 GB of system RAM. I'm using an AVI digital cable to connect to my Dell flat screen monitor. I have an ATI 2 GB graphics card that is using the PCIe 16x slot. I'm using a Western Digital Velociraptor 300 GB SATA drive, 10,000 RPM. I use Google Public DNS which has been a tremendous improvement over the default Verizon FIOS DNS. My OS is Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, 64-bit. I would like the Control-0 and Control - and Control + options to increase the size of the web text if possible. The slider bar is a great idea, but I think the Control options are pretty industry standard now. Thanks, Joe Smetona My OS is Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, 64-bit,


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