Can i hide the addressbar and use native windows only in app-mode?

  • Hi,

    im a heavy user off app-mode windows (vivaldi-stable --app= but it hurts my eye to see the addressbar in such windows.

    Is it possible to hide the addressbar/searchfield/extension-bar that is shown by default?

    Also is it possible to use native window decorations only for app-mode windows? I use KDE Plasma on Linux and i can set custom color-schemes per window that matches the main color of the app-mode website and it looks awesome in Chrome/Chromium...


  • @larksyrm
    Hide internal UI by default for apss, no.

    Add shortcut to "Address bar" & "Tab Bar" in Keyboard settings. Both toggle just that. Default empty.
    I've done like that. Usually I use 1 of Function keys.

    You seem already know there's an option to use native window in Vivaldi settings. But the option still only that, take or not take.

    There's a css tricks to auto hide internal UI (such tabs) in Modification sub-thread. But same, it's a take or not take. May need javascript-ing to target specific window only.

    GChrome Apps were dropped by Google. Next year you can't even install any. Expect no update from their devs.


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