Vivaldi: another disappointment?

  • Hi all I'm a very old Opera user... as you may think, I'm a big fan of the glorious old Opera (Presto) that is still my default everyday browser. I'm addicted to it and all its features (mail, feed, IRC, [b][color=#ff0000][u]MDI GUI[/u][/color][/b], speed dial, [b]NOTES[/b], panels (links and webpanels just to say something very useful that no one else has) full Sync (bookmarks, notes, speed dial, adblock list, password, etc...) TAB STACKING, visual tabs, userJS/CSS, full skins, and so on). However I'm not here to ask for some of these features. Vivaldi project seems to achieve yet these needs in his vision quite well and I'm glad there is finally a browser not centered on the "average user" but on the power user. Nope. I'm here to ask for an incredible "error" made by Vivaldi devs while building their new browser, ignoring one of the most distinctive aspect of the old Opera: [b]CUSTOMIZATION [/b] In the old Opera I can: - move every button everywhere or remove them or create new ones by myself (without external extensions) - move any toolbar everywhere or hide them (and I miss create new ones) - customize every menu items (hide/move/create new ones) All of this always available editing [b]a very simple INI file[/b] (a lot more convenient than any JSON format > editable with a simple notepad, fast vision of the whole section, no indent, no problems, etc) and with a wonderful FALLBACK SYSTEM .... you want to customize only the hotclick menu? create a menu.ini file with only that section and all other menus will be taken from the default one. With this awesome feature I customized my browser to fully suite all my needs. My [i]menu.ini[/i] has a lot of powerful features made possible without installing any extensions[sup]*[/sup] (no js code to execute, no CPU cycles waste) and without any problems of broken stuff if you upgrade the browser (the extension is no more compatible? It's a problem I don't have at all... yes Firefox, I'm talking with you) .... for example I integrated a full BBCode/HTML code menu, a reverse image search menu, I can search for the current URL on google cache, internet archive, bugmenot, and lot of other web services, I can translate the page or the seleted text with the service I want, added tools for web devs, [url=]and lot of other stuff[/url] (follow the link for small gallery I made when I released the first version of my menu on the My Opera forum) So, all this just to say: when I heard about Vivaldi, a browser developed by Jon von Tetzchner and his crew, I expected to have the spirit of the old Opera in it, but this is not the case. Features can be developed on every browser (even in the new Opera), but what I'm talking about is something different. In Vivaldi even the folder and files structure is a mess in comparison with the order and clean of Opera. Hope this message can be read by Vivaldi devs, but I don't think something will change sadly. good luck, only an old user nostalgic of a [i]no-more era[/i] 😞 ------------------------------------------------------ * I'm not against extensions, but I think they should be used only for very particular needs, not to have basics as in modern browsers

  • Most of the people on this board are, like you, old Opera partisans discontent with the current state of affairs. Trust me on this.

    That said you're making the mistake of a lot of recent incomers and jumping down the dev's throat because a browser which is a whisker over a month old doesn't have every pet feature that you need right now and calling it a "disappointment" which is incredibly offensive and rude. It'd be like screaming at a 6-month old toddler that you think he's a failure because he doesn't have a job, can't do math or even walk yet. The browser is still maturing! Features like what you mention are doubtless on their way.

    Did you look at the settings? How hard? Because I can tell you that right now you can already move the tab bar around the screen. It's a huge first step towards the flexible utility of Opera 12 - obviously not all the way there but a damn sight farther ahead than any other browser on the market at this time.

    We all want to see more features, and we all have had something taken from us by Opera ASA that we want to see back. But immediately going off half-cocked and remonstrating the developers for not having all of it right away is very immature. Have a little patience - and a little faith - that the developers will do right by you.

  • sorry, but I think you didn't read my message at all, or you've read the title and catch the conclusion: a Vivaldi heater!!!

    I'm talking of something totally different and I didn't asked for any feature (i.e. I specified I don't write the thread to ask for a feature but to expose a REAL PROBLEM)

    The problem is how the browser has been built from the ground up. You simply will never be able to do what I'm talking about in my message unless they'll rewrite the whole GUI from scratch πŸ˜‰

    Yes they can give you an option to move the tab bar, or another one to move the bookmarks bar… is this what I was talking in my message? Not at all. I was talking about make your hands dirty doing stuff they even didn't imagine at all. I don't want ask devs to implements a menu item to open the selected text in Notepad, or Word, or Google doc. I want be able to do it by myself. We're not all the same. My needs are not yours, and we're a lot of users, all with different needs. What I was talking about is the ability for every user to suite their own needs if they want.

    peace πŸ™‚

  • Rome was not build in a day, same goes for Vivaldi, give it some time to fully develop and then complain if it's still not good enough for your needs.


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