Reading mode issues

  • My dears, the reading mode it's already broken. Sometimes it works but, for something that I cannot understand, many times it don't recognize the very first characters inside a webpage so, when you turn on the feature, it (usually) cut the primary part of page posts and begin later (eg. a blog page with 10 posts, it start from the 3th).
    I have already report this behaviour here.
    Any idea why this could happens?

  • @marko-indaco It looks like it's behaving as it should to me on both of those blogs.

  • @pesala thank for reply. I don't know what to say. I got issues both Win7/Mint.
    For what I can presume, watching the behaviour, Vivaldi reading-mode looks different from for eg Firefox or old Opera. I mean, every time I start r-m in Vld I saw a total reload of the page, like it's coded in some way. It's not the "classic" switch author/user mode. Maybe there's some instruction in r-m that cuts-off parts of the web-page that was considerate not relevant, indeed, if you highlight some words and switch to r-m, usually shuold remain highlighted (Opera 12.xx, Firefox). I read somewhere, here in Forum, that the pictures are totally ingored in r-m. It's probably another way to code the page... I don't know if there's some "filter" or default range measurement to render the page for r-m but, if it was it's too "aggressive". Maybe has something to do with this... Btw, I post another video on my actual situation, in hoping that can help (in order are Vivaldi, Opera 12.xx, Firefox)


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