Is it possible for the audio icon to the right to be used for all circumstances?

  • alt text

  • @mioni Try using this as a custom.css mod:

    #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-on .tab-audio, #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-muted .tab-audio{
        position: absolute;
        left: 15px;
        top: 15px;
        transform: scale(0.8) !important;
        background: none
    #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-on .tab-audio:hover, #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-muted .tab-audio:hover {
        transform: scale(1.2) !important
    #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-on .favicon, #tabs-container .tab:not(.pinned):not(.tab-small).audio-muted .favicon{
        transform: scale(1) !important


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