Bug: Long blank space between tabs

  • I couldn't find where to post bugs so I assume they go here.

    Weird issue that happened with the recent update. Basically I get big spaces between tabs. And the new tab [+] button.

    To fix it I can close the browser, but when I reopen it it looses all my tabs (even though I have it set to start up with last session.)


  • I don't know what causes it, but you can try tagging all tabs and moving tabs to new window.

  • @ayub Not sure which "recent update" you are referring to (Stable or Snapshot).

    But there is a known problem after (randomly) deleting tabs, see

    Maybe the suggestion about disabling animation would help you?

  • This bug also happens for me quite randomly but on all platforms I use Vivaldi. I'll try the tip with disable animations even though I really like the animations.

  • One thing I just tried that also fixes it is going into settings and changing the tab display setting to something else then turning it back again. The version I am using is 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (32-bit)


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