New Window?

  • So vivaldi has suddenly started opening links in a new window instead of a new tab on left click. Suddenly as in I just updated and it started happening. Someone please tell me there's a setting to change this back somewhere.

  • @theakashictraveller Perhaps you have hidden the tab bar? Settings, Tabs, Show Tab Bar.

  • Same problem, it happens when I click on a link which will download something, a new window appear for it, and for some pdf files, the content appear in this window and not on a new tab in my original window :/ It's a bit annoying, and I checked tab settings and download settings, but didn't find anything usefull for that (Maybe I just didn't understand the setting). If you have a solution, could be great. Otherwise I could report a bug for that.
    Thanks in advance ! :)

  • Does the setting appearance > Open popups in tabs have any effect?

  • It's probably that, I'm not on the computer which get the problem, I'll check it later, but thank you :).

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