How Many Tabs do you Usually Open?

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    There is no option for a poll on this forum as far as I can tell, so the easiest method may be to upvote one of the replies. I rarely open more than five tabs.

    Ten or Fewer

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    Eleven to Fifty

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    Fifty-one to a Hundred

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    More than a Hundred

  • @Pesala Good idea! Given some quite astonishing recent posts elsewhere on this matter, it's easy to see what inspired you. The results should be interesting... but we have to hope none of the invisible downvoters happen along...

  • //EDIT 12/05/20: Updated as I use tab stacks too now.

    Depends 🙂

    • Sometimes I'm into the 1 to 10.
    • More often I'm into 11 to 20. [I have few stacks with 5/6 tabs]
    • Sometimes I can go from 20 to 50 - but usually I try to not have more than 100 opened tabs.

    I always use a single window for them, so I fell into the 11 to 50 area.

  • Usually in the one to ten zone, but do go into the eleven to fifty zone. When I say "eleven to fifty", it's never higher than twenty.

    I never understand the OCD hoarding about tabs. Deleting a tab for them seems akin to killing their first born. 😉 Bookmarks and history serves me fine.

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    @gort Your comment reminded me of something that happened in the early days of New Opera (once it got remade to v15). There was extremely limited bookmark functionality. I think the reason was given that the devs didn't think people wanted to use bookmarks anymore. I wonder if this "tab hoarding" was the cause of that decision - maybe people just forget that bookmarking is a functionality you can use.

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    I seldom have more than 20 open, more is something absurd to hinder more than help

  • Usually 4-6 tabs

  • I want to start to use sessions in a effective way to evoid too many opened tabs. With 20 - 25 tabs is Vivaldi on my PC a bit lazy.

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    @burbuja Move a set of selected tabs (Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Shift+Click) followed by Right-click, move to new window. Then save the new window only as a session, and close it.

  • @lonm Well, I've heard about tab hoarding a long time before Opera 15 came about. On Firefox and Opera forums, there was always a regular stream of "I've got four hundred tabs open, why is my browser sluggish?" or complaining about all their open tabs being "lost" after the browser crashed.

    I can understand the need for loads more tabs open than I use, even hundreds, but I can't understand the need to hoard them after they've served their immediate purpose. Bookmarking them would be more efficient and less stressful for future browsing sessions. I also can't understand why many of these users then complain that their browser isn't as snappy as when it first was installed on their system.

  • Is lazy tabs load on by default?
    An idea would be have an option to load them as discarded (or hibernated) when are above an "x" number in new session/startup. Default value between 20-50, maybe? Under 20/50? Loaded. Above? Discarded.
    It's pretty obvious a session with 100+ tabs is very slow on start (I'd say it happen on any browser) but if they're unloaded... the flag chrome://flags/#automatic-tab-discarding also helps, but I don't use it (just in case I would keep loaded a lot of tabs even if the ram is exploding).

  • @pesala That is a really excellent idea.

    For an alternative, whose philosophy is perhaps more predicated on Bookmarks than Sessions, i do this [NB: both Pesala's & my suggestions provide good pragmatic ways to manage tabs & V-performance efficiently, it's just an example of more than one way to skin a cat]:

    When there's a longer-term project or issue i'm researching or otherwise engaged with, but which does not need daily attention, i:

    1. stack said tabs,
    2. right-click said stack & use "Bookmark Tab Stack".
    3. in the Bookmark Panel i rename this group of bookmarks from its auto-applied "Stack" to something suitable.
    4. drag this BM group into a holding master BM group at the top of my BM tree called "0.ACTIVE".
    5. close the originating tab stack, knowing that at any future desired time i can find & reopen those tabs from within "0.ACTIVE" [so named such that it lives at the top of my BM panel, for easy fast finding. Can also put it on BM bar].

    Two obvious enhancements that would make this simple but multi-step process be also elegant, is if/when the V Devs [hopefully] give us the additional tab-stack context menu options of bookmarking the target stack into a user-selectable target BM folder, & give it a custom name at this same time.

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    @steffie You don't need to stack the tabs first, you can just bookmark the selected tabs to create a folder named:

    Saved Tab Selection (2017-10-12, 04:56:58)

    This folder contains bookmarks for the selected tabs.

  • @pesala Yes, certainly tis true, ta. Careless documentation on my part; a consequence of my reflexive habit of almost always creating tab-stacks when i'm researching something, even if i subsequently don't apply the remainder of my above method.

  • @steffie said in How Many Tabs do you Usually Open?:

    Bookmark Tab Stack

    Now, you wouldn't need this workaround if you could just move them to a separate window and leave them there 🙂 . Moreover: it encourages you to quickly return to your project whenever you have time, without thinking "ugh, I need to extract my tabs from bookmarks before continuing my work...".

  • It might be a chicken-and-egg problem: people who need lots of tabs just switch back to other browsers after trying Vivaldi.

  • @xtremalraven Bye bye.

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