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  • I find annoying that when you mouse over the url field, it inserts the http letters in front of the url and moves the url to the right. Why is this annoying? Because if you mistype a url, and move yuor cursor to the insert point to say enter or change a character, when you click on the mouse button, the cursor is no more where you want it to be, as the url text has moved to the right. Its annoying that you have to reposition the cursor. Need to always show the http or never at all. I am pretty sure at least another browser shows same behaviour, but they are as annoying!!! Firefox either shows or does not show http, but it does not change automatically.

  • It is still there in:
    Vivaldi (Developer Build) snapshot

    See attachments:

    1. before click mouse: note that www is right under the + sign on the tab
    2. after click mouse: note that www has moved toe the right and http added to the url and it is highlighted in blue

    Say I had made a mistake and type wwww instead of www, I would place my cursor there to delete the extra w. but when I click the mouse button, the url move to the right and the cursor is not over wwww anymore. I would have to move my cursor again.

    You can reproduce it by:

    1. type in the url using the keyboard
    2. move your cursor say over the www
    3. click your mouse button
    4. the url is highlighted in blue but it has moved to the right, and http added in front. Which means your cursor is not where you want to to be anymore.

    btw: I am on Debian 7, using xfce desktop.



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