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  • Hi, Just downloaded and installed Vivaldi on W8.1 64 bit. After that, whenever I press the Torch browser icon on my Quick Start bar at the bottom of the screen, Vivaldi starts. VERY inconvenient. And I cannot see why. It seems as the shortcut starts Vivaldi and it asks if it should download Torch.Exe Not ggod. Then I tried registering to report the above problem. By mistake, I pressed the "Register" button twice (since Vivaldi was slow in answering, so I thought I did not press the first time). I then got 2 register mails at the email account I had supplied. And regardless of which one I pressed the activation button in - or which activation Id I used, I got a reply that the userid was already in use - bummer. Fix typical problem for signup systems. Should not happen to vivaldi. When you find two identical entries, you delete one of them. And of course, since you cannot remove an account, that particular email id is blocked for making another userid - and so is the userid name I used.

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