Download speed issue

  • Hi.
    I have an issue with download speed.

    With other browsers I can download at 8/10 MB/s but with Vivaldi download speed is 500 KB/s.

    Is it a known issue?

    What can I do to have full speed downloads with Vivaldi?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    No, my download speed is almost 5 Mbyte per sec on my 50Mbps line with Vivaldi 1.12.
    The number of concurrent downloads at a time recduces the speed of every running download.

    Which Vivaldi do you use? Which Extensions do you have installed? Which Antivirus (AV) do you use? In case of AV do you let scan download while downloading? May be the server you download from reduces the speed?

  • Any update on this? I have the same issue, I can reliably pull down 55Mbps on my connection, however Vivaldi downloads files at anywhere from 200-300 KBps. 260KBps is 2.08Mbps.

    When I first noticed this I totally reinstalled Vivaldi, added no extensions, turned off all AV on the Win10 computer, and still noticed the issue. I can view usage statistics on my MikroTik while I am downloading and verify that the only traffic coming over the WAN port is the download within Vivaldi. This issue exists with ALL downloads, so the issue isn't with the server, and only Vivaldi experiences the issue, so it isn't any sort of hardware/cabling/network/weird routing issue.

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    Just my test on my 55Mbps DSL.

    Oh! i can see with my 1.12 Stable strange with som servers download for a Linux DVD:

    • Vivaldi Download Panel shows 3.1…3.7 MB/s
    • Internal Download page vivaldi://downloads shows 5.3…5.4 MB/s

    But 1.13 Snapshot shows the correct values.

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    @borari said in Download speed issue:

    turned off all AV on the Win10 computer

    Which security tools and AV do you use?

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